Bringing your vision to life is my... superpower Bringing your vision to life is my... superpower

For as long as I can remember I have been drawn to all things magical, beautiful and creative.

In the early 90’s I discovered Crayola crayons and that was the moment I fell in love with art, and so I started drawing when I was two. Few years later at school, I was encouraged by my teacher, Mrs Crouch, to nurture my artistic skills, which later won me an Art Scholarship. Fast forward to my early teens, I found a deeper love for my creativity at college where I learnt to combine art with computers and that solidified my creative journey to grow my experience further at university. When I graduated, I also achieved ‘Best Project & Student of the Year’ - so it’s safe to say I know my craft!

However, my journey hasn’t always been rainbows and unicorns. I started Infinity Creative with basic and bland branding. It did the job, but I was trying to appeal to all kinds of businesses, which means I didn’t really appeal to anyone. Eventually, I found the confidence to start from scratch and rebrand with true authenticity and visuals that was aligned to me. Prior, I was so consumed with worry about if my magical and whimsical branding would put people off from working with me, but instead it opened up new and exciting opportunities to work with my dream clients. And that’s what I encourage my clients to do as well.

I’m proud to say you’ll never find cold and clinical with me, and if that’s what you want then I’ll happily recommend a designer who’s a better fit. Instead I go the extra mile by creating branding and websites in a unique and professional way, for businesses who want to stand out, not blend in. I’m in my element when I’m working with women who are bold, daring and unapologetically them. I believe once you become fearless, your life becomes limitless.

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We are Team Infinity We are Team Infinity

Of course, Infinity Creative is more than just me on my own. Every witch needs her coven, right? .. and for me, that’s my darling Adam! We’re life partners as well as business partners, and we found that not only was our chemistry a great mix, but our skills are a match made in heaven too. If you don’t know by now, I’m a Brand Alchemist, web designer and all-round bad ass, while Adam is the webmaster, developer and general tech wizard. In other words, he keeps everything on track, and builds in the background. Don’t be surprised if he asks you to “turn it off and on again”.

We’re not just pixel-pushers, and we don’t just make ‘pretty’ work. We dedicate ourselves to learning about our clients, understanding their industry and putting ourselves in the shoes of their customers. Only then can we start to weave the branding enchantments that are going to conjure up the best results. We’re true design nerds, and we love seeing our clients get excited about their vision coming to life before their eyes. Bearing computers, coffee, cats and a double-dose of creativity, we’re here to help you bewitch your prospects with a business branding that lights you up every time.

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one star powered brand at a time!

Gemma Storey

Brand Alchemist
+ Web Designer

aka The Boss!

Adam Knapp

Website Developer
+ Tech Wizard

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Enough About us... Let's talk about you

You’ve Lost Touch With Your Brand Identity

You should be in love with your business and your brand – which is hard when you have no connection to it. Our packages bring you back to level 1, and discover the hidden gems that you’d forgotten were there. Then. We create a distinct, beautiful and bewitching brand that captivates your prospects, enchants your clients, and gives you the confidence to show up and stand out.

Everything Is Starting To Feel A Bit Out Of Date

Is your old D.I.Y logo not really doing it for you anymore? Your website looking tired and a bit dated? Don’t worry, it happens to everyone. But we can bring breath of fresh air to your brand, give it a shine, and make sure it sparkles like crystals again.

You’re One-Of-A-Kind, But Don’t Show It

Our unique approach means we dig deep into what makes you, and your business tick, so that we can bring it all out in your branding. We find all of those quirks and special stardust that make you stand out from the crowd, and then we help you shout it from the rooftops!

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