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I believe everyone has a ‘North Star‘ which is a sense of purpose in our lives and also acts as an inner compass to discover our own goals and big dreams. Once we are aligned and on the path to our place of happiness and true contentment in life, it can be a fulfilling and rewarding adventure. This is why I wanted to interview as many inspiring female entrepreneurs as possible, including my good friend and client, Frankie Dodge.

Frankie is the C.E.O and head stylist over at Shop Box HQ. Frankie is the kind of person who has always loved playing with fashion, skincare & interior trends. At some point she realised that she didn’t want to just help her friends figure out the perfect accessories to match their outfits – Frankie wanted to do more.

That’s how Shop Box was born. Frankie’s goal was to help busy people style up their lives, without having to do the hard work themselves. Instead, a team of stylists are ready to help her pick out a variety of gorgeous items from around the world each month, and pack them all into one box – so you don’t have to do multiple shopping trips or pay hundreds in postage.

So even if you’re juggling work life, marriage, kids and god knows what else, you can rest easy knowing your Shop Box has you covered. All you have to do is spend 5 minutes taking our style quiz, and you’ll be matched with your perfect style mentor and Shop Box right away.

Please read on to discover how Frankie became an overnight success and what sparked her genius subscription box idea. 👇✨

shop box frankie dodge

Hey Frankie! Could you tell me three fun facts about yourself?

🌟 My geographical skills are top-notch, especially when I am on a girls night out in London, just ask me as I know where all the coolest bars and hangouts are.

🌟 My friends nick-name me “Fun-time Frankie” for reasons I cannot explain why 😉

🌟 When I was younger I attended a school ran by nuns!

Why did you decide to launch your business, Shop Box?

As a busy career Mum of two young boys and working full time, my love of fashion and shopping took a back seat, and this left me feeling untrendy and frustrated. So, one day I had this idea.. “What if I could subscribe to a service that did all the sourcing and shopping for me?” That’s when the light bulb moment hit me and Shop Box was born! 

I love the name of your business – is there a story behind why you chose it?

Actually yes, the concept is that you get ‘Shops in a BOX’.. but on one of my girly holidays to Cape Verde with the girls (Kerrie, Susie & Ellie) I had bought a whole new wardrobe, everything I wore the girls would compliment me on, then it became kinda funny because everything I had bought was from an online shop called Shop Bop (which is lush by the way) for many years after it stuck, until one day I just decided it was finally time to launch my dream Shop Box.  

shop box fashion subscription box

Have you always been interested in fashion? .. If not, what other jobs have you done that lead you on this path?

I have always LOVED fashion, which I believe I get from my Mum & Nan as they always looked glam and even dressed immaculately when just popping to the local shop for some milk. I am also great at speed shopping and can source suitable items in a flash. I’m the go-to fashionista within my friendship group for fashion advice and I absolutely love it!

What sort of products do you sell at Shop Box and who are they for?

We sell beautifully created subscription boxes for busy women, as a gift or from you to you. oh, I should mention the shop Box Boutique is amazing too for exquisite and unique gift items you can’t always find locally on the high street. ❤️

infinity creative branding designer shop

What do you love most about what you do?

Everything… it really is just a massive dream come true, and often can’t believe it’s now my life and reality. 

You always look so glam – do you have any tips on how to keep up with the fashion trends?

Yes, subscribe to Shop Box.. lol 😉

Who is your fashion idol and what would you wear if you met them?

Oh wow, I have loads but I’d really like to meet Victoria Beckham and I’d wear one of her outfits of course! Maybe a Gucci handbag and Shoes? 

I know Shop Box was very much just a dream that lived inside your mind for a very long time. What steps did you take to turn your idea into a reality?

It was a long time coming, with many ups and downs but I’d have to say the best thing I did to make it happen was I enlisted a team of amazing people. With the help of you and Adam, you brought my vision to life and created something beyond my imagination by creating a truly bespoke and beautiful brand and website for me.

Charlotte from Eleven Eight was wonderful by taking my ideas and thoughts and turning them into beautifully crafted words that elevated my website and print packaging.

Nisha from Iggy and Lime captured some gorgeous photos of me and my products.

Together they all helped me bring my dream to life, and I am so proud of what we’ve created together.  

What was the biggest hurdle you have overcome in your business journey?

Cash flow, it’s a juggle in beginning.. but I know I will reap the rewards in the future if I just keep consistent and work hard every day towards my goals.  

What does it take to run a successful subscription box company?

A great team, drive, passion and a bucket load of self-belief and sheer determination.

What do you accredit your positive attitude and strong self-belief to?

My parents. They always told me I can do anything I want and they have always supported me. My Dad and brother are also very accomplished businessmen, so I’ve been around much success in my life, and have learned many lessons in business at a very young age. 

What does having a beautiful and aligned brand mean to you and your business?

Ever since you designed my beautiful branding, I have been head over heels in love with it. I finally have something I am extremely proud of and It means everything to me and my team.

We know what we are, who we’re serving and doing and most importantly know our ‘why’ – it ultimately shows that we as a subscription fashion business are professional, trustworthy and consistent. 

shop box pink brand style guide

What benefits have you seen since having your branding and website re-done?

Overall, we have seen an increase in sales and site visits.

People LOVE my branding – I get compliments all the time. I got exactly what I wanted – an online shop and packaging that reflects my heart AND the work I do best for my customers. I am never ashamed or hesitant about my branding and instead, feel confident and incredibly comfortable guiding people to my online shop and social media. 

I can’t wait for our next project together – watch this space!

What would you say to someone in business who might be considering rebranding but isn’t sure?

Do it … and just go bold! You will never regret investing in yourself and your business. It’s a no brainer to be honest.

What is your ‘North Star’ mission in life? (The ultimate goal you wish to achieve)

That feeling when you know you’ve created something amazing and you’ve done everyone proud, especially the people that loved you before you made it! 

What is your favourite business tool and why?

Canva is pretty cool, I’ve used that a lot recently and loving it. 

What is your favourite inspirational quote/life mantra?

Work hard, play harder. 

Have you read an amazing business book or podcast that you can recommend?

Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield-Thomas. I don’t read though I just listen, in the car, walking the dog etc – I’m a busy woman! 😅

Who do you admire in business?

I have so many inspirational people in my life, I take inspiration from everyone I meet in business. 

Where do you see your business in 5 years?

With a bigger team of more great people around me, Shop Box will have expanded massively by then – we have huge room for growth. 

What advice would you give someone who is looking to turn their idea into a successful business?

Do it, don’t give up, and just get it started – worry about the rest after!! 

Where can my audience find you?

In the spa… Just kidding! 😂 .. You can find us: 

Email: [email protected]




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