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Guest Blog Written By Cassandra Dartnell from An Eye For Detail Events

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Have you ever noticed that some events stand out from the crowd more than others?

You might have seen some events market themselves with a bit more pizazz, creating a wave of interest on social media, or maybe even a definite need to attend that event without little information on it. 

The ones that do, often have a theme that will resonate with their intended audience and keep them enthralled. And I’m here to help you to discover how Canva can bring your event theme to life!

What is an Event theme?

Think of it as a title or tagline for an event. An event theme can bring all elements of your event together, make it recognisable and memorable from the outset.

An event theme is a service where a creative concept is built around an event’s objectives. It can be based around literally anything from film, literature a cultural occasion, an era, a place in the world, to a colour scheme or event message and is used to bring an event to life.

It provides guests with an immersive and memorable event that is fun, interesting, and exciting. Themes can be incorporated into all elements of an event from props, creative lighting, audiovisual, through to venue dressing and event content. It will also be incorporated into your event marketing. Whether that be social media pages, headers, posts, through to everything within event design and print. This could be anything from invites to RSVPs, maps, joining information and event programmes, to menus, onsite event signage, to banners, bunting and anything in between – the possibilities are endless!

Why have an event theme?

Themes can create a buzz in your marketing efforts and keep people excited about an event, especially in the early stages prior to the event taking place, and it gives the audience an idea of what to expect from the event. 

By bringing a theme into all your branding and design efforts, it will keep potential guests wanting to know more about your event, and heighten the reason to like and share the marketing for your event thus raising the level of excitement and interest for the event.

It’s important to take your guests on an experiential journey, one they will remember for years to come. When we incorporate a theme into all elements of an event then everything links together seamlessly. 

By including a theme that is closely linked with your event objectives, people will clearly understand what to expect from attending your event.

Maybe, it’s an event around ‘Love Yourself’ theme for example. This gives people a topic to resonate with, an audience to target, an understanding of what to expect from the event, and a way of incorporating all the other elements together to ensure that theme runs throughout the event from its planning to its execution.

If we remember we need to touch a potential client 7 times before converting them to a sale, then it’s a great idea to incorporate a theme in those 7 touch points ensuring we keep their interest for the event at a high and hopefully resulting in more sales conversions.

Canva Can Bring Your Event Theme To Life

Canva Can Bring Your Event Theme To Life

Canva is a free design tool that also has a Pro upgrade option, which gives you some great capabilities that can help you create your theme and re-use that creative content into various templates whilst incorporating your own branding and design elements.

It has pretty much every template you can think of and if not you can create your own to any dimension.

It’s a quick and easy tool that I taught myself to use. I would say if I did it, anyone can learn with quick easy tutorials online.

Canva also has a great function that gives you the opportunity to create one piece of content and then allows you to resize it to alternative templates designs with minimal adjustments needed. All of which can all be done with ease and save you a heap of time. 

You can even use Canva’s in house printing service too if you don’t have a reliable printing service to hand which in my experience is cost-effective, and speedy too, saving you valuable time and money. 

How Canva Has Helped My Business Grow

I use Canva regularly to create initial mood/event vision boards for clients. These are issued at the enquiry stage of the booking process and they give my clients suggested themes and event inspiration with ways of implementing that theme throughout the event. In essence, it’s a digital collage where you can cut and paste images (your own or its in-house photobank), text, moving animations, and branding to give it your own identity.

I have created banners, leaflets, posters, social media posts, web page headers, through to invites, menus and onsite event signage all of which elevated the perception and execution of an event. 

It is easy to download the completed artwork files in various formats, these will depend on how you plan to utilise the content, whether that be digitally, online or in print and whether high or low-resolution files are required. 

It also has a great folder structure allowing you to save all your designs per event, and so you can then copy and adapt them for future events.

A recent event I organised was a 40th Birthday which was based on a black and gold “Glitz and Glamour” theme.

The venue incorporated black and gold venue dressing with ceiling swags and fairy lights, themed metallic balloon displays, a glitzy LED dancefloor, and some beautiful golden Manzanita trees adorned the tables with fairy lights and LED candles. We then added a black and gold sparkly photo booth backdrop and the client created her own drinks menus and food menus that accompanied every table as well as matching invitations.

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We can do as much or as little as you need to bring your event theme to life for your special event and a theme will create long-lasting memories for you and your guests for years to come! I specialise in creating themed events that bring that WOW factor that my client’s envisioned and many have said they have never been to such an incredible party which is always good to hear.

If you need help coming up with an event theme, or bringing a concept to life then please get in touch and email me via… [email protected] or fill out my online enquiry form.

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cassandra dartnell

Cassandra Dartnell is an event planner and the founder of An Eye for Detail Events, based in Hampshire in the beautiful village of Hartley Wintney. Cass specialises in delivering exceptional events that fulfil and exceed the brief and client’s expectations, by offering a fabulous range of party ideas. Cass is very detail-orientated and loves to create memorable events that inspire your creativity, calms your mind, and bring you joy and delight.

Facebook: @aneyefordetailevents

Instagram: @an_eye_for_detail_events



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