My Entrepreneurial Story … So far!

Gemma Storey is a brand designer from the realm of Infinity Creative, known for conjuring up the perfect love potion to make you and your dream clients fall back in love with your branding and website again. With the help of her magic wand (apple pencil) and creative supervisor (Salem the black cat), she specialises in making you look good online and offline and will craft an authentic and star […]

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8 things I learned in my 20’s

I turned 30 this year. Yep, that really happened. Given everything that’s been going on, I was tempted to stay 29 for just a little bit longer, but I’m a big believer in celebrating life’s momentous occasions as best you can. So, rather than living it up in Vegas like I had originally planned, I made afternoon tea and drank too much fruit punch instead 🥳 (I know what you’re […]

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Infinity Creative Has A Beginning

You know the saying. Infinity has no beginning, and no end. But for Infinity Creative, there had to be a beginning – though hopefully there won’t be an end! I’m a firm believer in telling your businesses story, so that your clients can really see who you are, and you can attract the kind of people you want to work with. So in that spirit, I wanted the first blog […]

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