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Welcome to the life-changing magic of Client VIP Days!

What if I told you that one of my superpowers is that, I can create all of your graphic design jobs that have been on your to-do list for months, all within just one day and for one flat price? Yes really! I’m a Branding and Graphic Designer with over 10 years of experience, and the benefit of that is I can conjure up artwork very quickly, without compromising on quality.

As a Manifesting Generator, I know the value of time and that satisfying feeling of ticking boxes off your to-do list. This is why I offer an express service for busy female entrepreneurs, called ‘Client VIP Days‘ to help elevate their business with woo-worthy graphics that connect and convert.

In a nutshell, my Client VIP day service is a whole day dedicated to just you, with no other distractions. The number one goal is to tick off as many graphic design jobs as possible within just one day, so you have the freedom to focus on the tasks that you enjoy doing the most within your business.

So, are you ready to level up and experience a VIP day with me? Well, what are you waiting for? Come and take a scroll with me!

Client VIP Days | Brand Alchemist | Gemma Storey

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client vip day prep work

01 Client on-boarding

The secret to a really successful and fun Client VIP Day, is all down to the planning and prep work I like to do before the big day. What’s that saying? “Fail to prepare then prepare to fail” .. and it’s so true! I need to know all the details of your project so that I can optimise our time to deliver the best work possible for you and your business.

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Ultimately, this is a day completely dedicated to you, where you can sit back and relax and let me channel my creativity to design all of the work. But, you can’t relax too much, as I’ll still need you to be available to answer my WhatsApp messages, because I will need to gather your feedback and approval in real-time, to keep the project on track.

client vip day aftercare

03 Aftercare Support

I believe in delivering a truly spellbinding and superb experience for each and every one of my VIP clients, which is why all of my Client VIP Days come with 1 hour of aftercare support. This means if you require any additional edits, then you can use that hour within one week after your VIP Day.

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Client VIP Days
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tickGetting all of your design tasks ticked off in one day for one fee

tickHaving more time to focus on the tasks you love doing in your biz

tickWorking with a fun & professional graphic designer who gets you

tickNot having to deal with replying to emails back & forth

tickHaving a whole day dedicated to you with no other distractions

tickTreated like a VIP by Gemma, who is your future business bestie

Tell me more… about the details! tell me more... about the details

Power Hour

The very first step towards having a fun and successful VIP day is to book your FREE Power Hour with me! The Power Hour is a relaxed but focused planning session where we go through all your ideas together on what you’d like to achieve on the day of your Client VIP Day.

The Power Hour is hosted via a Zoom call that normally lasts a duration between 45 – 60 minutes. It’s super important not to miss out on this step, because the more time we spend planning and preparing, the better the outcome of your VIP day will be.

Ideally, you need to book your Power Hour no less than 5 days prior to your Client VIP day, because during our call I might suggest that you’ll need to gather some images and content for me, so this just gives us a little wiggle room, just in case we need more time to prepare.

Power Hour

Welcome Pack

Shortly after our Power Hour call, you can expect to receive your welcome pack via email, which is a digital document that consists of useful information to guide you through the VIP process.

Inside your pack, you will receive:

★ A personal welcome note from me

★ An infographic that outlines the VIP process from start to finish

★ A wishlist of all the design tasks you’ve requested in order of priority

★ An overview of our Client VIP Day schedule

★ An invitation to your private VIP WhatsApp group

★ A detailed breakdown of how my virtual VIP loyalty card works

★ The payment process details

★ Handy resources and a checklist you need to complete

Client VIP Days

Whatsapp Group

​​Prior to our intensive design day together, I will invite you to a private WhatsApp group – or as I like to call it, your virtual VIP lounge, specifically created so that we can communicate about all things related to your upcoming VIP day. I will check in with you to make sure you’re prepared and have all the assets we’ll need to smash your to-do list.

A full Client VIP Day is 8.5 hours, starting at 9 am and finishing at 6 pm on the dot. I will work through your list as quickly as possible, sending regular updates and screenshots via WhatsApp for your feedback and approval. So to keep your project moving in the right direction, I need you to be available during these hours, so that we can optimise the time to achieve your vision.

At the end of the day, I will email across your thank you pack – which is just another handy document that will have links to all your new artwork files, a video walkthrough and lots of other useful resources to guide you through onto the next and final stages of the VIP day.

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Loyalty Card

Who doesn’t love a loyalty card, right?! And I feel client loyalty should be rewarded, which is why with the help of my creative supervisor, Salem, my black cat, we have created a virtual loyalty scheme for all our VIP clients to enjoy.

Prior to your 4th and 8th Client VIP booking, you can expect to receive an email with a discount code to use at checkout when purchasing your next Client VIP Day. On your 4th, you will receive 10% off and on your 8th you will receive 20% off – and so the cycle repeats itself again.

However, there are other ways to earn more bonus discount codes to use for Client VIP Days, and that’s by subscribing to my monthly newsletter, The Black Cat Chronicles, where I like to reward my loyal subscribers at various times throughout the year. Another way to earn discount codes is to refer a friend to my VIP Day service, where you both can receive a 10% discount code.

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Create Your…. Custom Day Client VIP Days

The best part about booking a Client VIP Day with me is that it’s totally unique to you and your business. In addition to a Power Hour call to review your priorities and pre-work, you’ll have 8.5 hours of my complete, undivided attention on your day, as well as a 1 hour aftercare support for further amends. Down below are some examples of artwork I can cover under my graphic design services…

business stationery icon

Business Stationery

Business Cards, Flyers, Leaflets, Price Lists, Gift Vouchers, Compliment Slips, Loyalty Cards, Letterheads, Brochures, Book Marks, Greetings Cards.

digital marketing icon

Digital Marketing

Facebook Covers, Instagram Templates, Pinterest Graphics, Email Signatures, PDF Welcome Packs, Newsletter Headers, Highlight Icons, Podcast Artwork.

tradeshow graphics icon

Tradeshow Graphics

Presentation Folders, Outdoor Banners, Roll-up Banners, Flags, Pop-up Counters, 3-Wall Exhibition Stands, Fabric Marquees.

packaging design icon

Packaging Design

Book Covers, Box Packaging, Box Sleeves, Tissue Paper, Gift Tags, Stickers, Ribbons/Tape, Rubber Stamps.

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Book Your Client VIP Day

You’re a trailblazing female entrepreneur busy building your business empire and your time is far too precious to wait months, while you play email tag in an endless loop of back and forth emails of revision upon revision. Say goodbye to that ‘laundry pile’ resembling inbox – traditional design projects are like so 2020!

I’m a Brand Alchemist with light years of design experience, so I’m not some shy pixel pusher that is just gonna churn out any old design that lacks purpose. Instead, I will challenge your ideas and encourage you in the direction of creating content that is in alignment with you and your ideal customer.

Wouldn’t it feel wonderful if you had that woo-worthy brand or graphics you need to grow your business in just one day? This is a luxury and custom VIP experience, that is completely tailored to you, where the key focus is to elevate your business onto the path of wild success. So what are you waiting for lady? Go and grab your snacks and let’s hop on a Zoom call via the button below and let’s start planning your puuurfect Client VIP Day!


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Please Note

Your Client VIP Day includes dedicated planning, design, and implementation time to work through a pre-determined set of requests. It does not guarantee specific deliverables (although I will work as quickly as possible to get you there!).

Additional VIP Days and half days can be added to complete more complex tasks or anything that cannot be finalised during our first day together – this is also ideal if you’re an international client based in a different time zone. Your availability, responsiveness, feedback, and decisiveness during your VIP Day will also impact what is accomplished during the experience.

VIP days aren’t always a great fit for everyone, so if you’re naturally indecisive and like to take your time when making design decisions, then this service might not be right for you. If you’re unsure, I offer a free 30-minute discovery call to go through your queries or concerns. For a quick answer, you can read my frequently asked questions down below.

Client VIP Days
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Vicky Kleboe

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I’ve had the pleasure of a few years of continuous work with Gemma. Most recently I had the benefit of a VIP day for some new client-facing documents and it was fantastic. We spent an hour together before the day where we talked through what I wanted, Gemma challenged my thoughts to make the whole thing better, had already been thinking of ideas that she ran past me – so this was such a productive hour. Then on the day itself I was kept up to date, got snippets of progress and by the end of the day, I saw the finished product – which absolutely blew me away! I’d not hesitate to do this again for my next project – fantastic service from a very talented individual!

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Frankie Dodge

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As a busy wife and Mum of two teenage boys, juggling multiple businesses, discovering Gemma’s Client V.I.P days was an absolute godsend! I’m on the go all the time, so I very rarely have time to sit down and design in Canva and I much prefer to outsource my ideas onto Gemma, where she can take what’s in my head and bring my vision to life – often better than what I was expecting! I also love that I can be getting on with other jobs throughout my day, whilst Gemma is busy working on my new projects, plus I always get excited every time she sends me a new update via WhatsApp. It’s so handy, as I’m much quicker at replying to messages from my phone than going back and forth with multiple emails.

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Dr Jennifer Jones

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I hired Gemma for a full client V.I.P day to create customisable graphics for me to include in my book marketing package, as well as a digital planner for my clients to use to plan how to market their books. The results are phenomenal! Gemma took the time to get to know me and my brand and to really understand what I needed the materials she was creating to do. They’re gorgeous and help me stand out online, and I can’t wait to share them with my clients!! If you need help with graphic design or branding, have a chat with Gemma – you’ll be so glad you did!

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stars Frequently Asked Questions stars

What can you get done in a full day? paw print

I work very quickly and have been known to smash out a 200+ page brochure in one day. What can get done really depends on the length of what you need, and I’m always upfront and realistic with my clients during the power hour calls about what can or cannot be done.

What do I need to do in order to prepare for a VIP day? paw print

During our initial power hour call, I will advise you on what you need to do to prepare and I will write up a checklist inside your welcome pack too. However, it will mostly come down to providing images and word copy. On the day itself, I’ll need you to be readily available over WhatsApp, so that we stay on track.

Do you guarantee deliverables at the end of the day? paw print

Short answer, yes!

I will work as quickly and efficiently as possible during the scheduled time for your Client VIP Day to ensure we knock out as many tasks as possible!

However, I need to be clear that a Client VIP day isn’t about delivering a packaged set of deliverables – you are booking my time to create as much as I can within a set amount of hours. To avoid under-delivering and disappointment, I must mention that it is crucial that we spend time in our power hour call, planning your day by listing your tasks in order of priority.

I will be honest and advise if your tasks can fit into one VIP day or I may suggest an additional VIP day if needed. Additionally, if I finish sooner and have time to spare, I will always ask you what else you’d like me to tick off your design wish list, to fully optimise our time and your investment.

What if I need to reschedule or cancel my Client VIP day? paw print

If you need to reschedule your VIP day – no worries, I understand life happens!

Ideally, please could you can give me at least 7 days notice, so that gives me a chance to reshuffle my diary around to fit you in at a later date and bring another VIP client forward off the waiting list. However, since I only do intensives on certain days of the week, the next availability may be a month or more away.

For cancellations, there are no refunds except for extenuating circumstances.

Can you create my artwork in Canva? paw print

Absolutely! 😍🙌

As a certified Canva creative and Canva queen, I will always recommend to my VIP clients that we should create their artwork inside Canva. Why? .. Because this gives you the freedom to be able to edit or update your own artwork at a later stage, without having to hire a graphic designer again, to do it for you – saving you money and time.

All I need is your log-in details for your Canva account, which I will mention during our power hour call. Don’t have Canva yet? Then start your FREE 30-day trial – click here!

However, as a professional graphic designer, I will advise times when Canva may not be the best software for the job. For example, if you are wanting business cards with a special finish, such as spot UV or gold foiling – then I would need to create this inside Adobe Illustrator as I need to export the final files with layers so that a printer can use them.

Can I still work with you if I’m in a different time zone? paw print

Yes – I will always try to be as accommodating as I can to my international clients.

Client VIP Days run from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. GMT (I’m based in England), with a half-hour break for lunch at noon. If you are in a different time zone and these hours are difficult for you, we may be able to adjust the times slightly or have the option of splitting the VIP Day into two half-day sessions. We can discuss your situation further by email, a free discovery call, or during our power hour planning session. 

Why a flat rate vs an hourly rate? paw print

By working together through a day rate model, we are able to streamline your project and produce results quickly and efficiently. The compressed timeline means less project management and back and forth and more time focusing completely on the work. I block a full day to focus 100% on your project and with fast communication, we can work through feedback and approvals much more quickly.

Can you just quote for one design item I need doing? paw print

Nope – Sorry! 😕 ..  #NotSorry

Gone are the days of me offering traditional graphic design services, as the relentless back and forth of emails wore my creativity out. I much prefer a client to come to me with a longer list of design tasks, where I can hit them off in one day for one flat rate. Ironically it works out much more cheaper and far more time-efficient for you going with the VIP day rate.

What is the payment process? paw print

Every Client VIP Day must start with a Power Hour – which is a planning session all done via a zoom call at least 5 days prior to your VIP day. Once the call has ended, and we’ve booked your Client VIP Day into the diary, you can then expect to receive your welcome pack shortly after.

Inside your welcome pack, will be a page with a link to my online shop, where you can purchase your Client VIP Day through the checkout. When you add the item to your basket – or as I like to call it, your cauldron – you then have the option to pay in full or you can pay in three with zero fees, via Klarna. 

Please also note, that payment must be made prior to your upcoming Client VIP Day. Failure to do so means you lose your slot and your VIP day will be cancelled. 

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