Clarity is the Key to success Clarity is the Key to success

If you want to run a thriving and successful business, then you need one thing – clarity. I will help you to think critically about what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, for whom and of course, why!

Great branding takes an incredible amount of self-awareness, soul searching and sometimes a bit of trial and error to see what resonates with you and your audience and what doesn’t. Your branding is the heart of your business, and if it isn’t beating in alignment to your values - that’s when cracks begin to appear. So, if you already have a brand that has been under performing and could do with a resuscitation then please do check it into my brand rehab clinic, where I will perform a full audit by analysing what drives you to do what you do and to help you communicate clearly and effectively, with crystal clear instructions.

Gemma crystal

Puuurrfect For:

New businesses that want clarity on where to begin with their own branding journey

Businesses that want to implement strategy, focus and action on a rock-solid foundation

Established businesses that want clear and professional advice before building their own brand

Time Frame:

Estimated 1 to 2 weeks

The Magic Ingredients:

30min Discovery Zoom Call

Module 01: You + Your Vision

Module 02: Your Unique Stardust

Module 03: The Heart + Soul of Your Business

Module 04: Your Dream Client

Module 05: Your Visual Style + Identity

Videos + Brand Discovery Workbook

1hr Clarity Zoom Call

Brand Rehab Report

Optional Bolt On(s):

bolt on Extra 1hr Clarity Call + £99

The Experience:

Brand Audit: A Detailed Review of Your Current Brand + Website

Suggestions + Feedback for Improvement

Support in Helping You Define + Refine Your Brand Foundation

Get Clear on What You Do + What You Offer to the World

Discover Your Unique Stardust

Crystallise Your Vision + Mission

Attract Your Dream Clients By Nailing Your Niche

Lifetime Access To My eCourse "Discover Your Brand Magic" + Future Updates

Bonus Freebies:

A Guide On.. "The Anatomy of Logo Design"


Investment: £327


Let's discover your north star

Your business is more than just a ‘thing you do’. It’s your passion, and we know you love it with all your heart. But can you put that into words? Is that driving force shining through in your marketing, guiding your customers to your business like the North Star guides the Lost Boys? Or is your purpose a little lost? Our Crystal Clarity package is designed to help you clear away all of that fog in your mind and find that driving force behind your business. Once you find your North Star, you can build a truly bewitching brand with absolute clarity. The Crystal clarity package helps you:

Dig deep and discover your ‘why’

Understand how you offer your services right now, and how that could be improved

Refine what exactly you offer, and if your branding could give you a little more value-add

Gemma North star


Along with the Crystal Ball workbook, you also get full access to my e-course. Because we might be magical, but we also love the wonder of technology! You can work through the modules of the e-course at your own pace, filling in worksheets and gaining a deeper understanding of your business, yourself, and what you want your brand to actually look like. And this access is for life – so you can keep coming back if you need to!

50 page workbook


Sometimes it takes an objective point of view to see things that could be improved in your business – or to point out those little things that make a really big difference. Before you get started on the workbook and course, you’ll have a clarity call with me to unpick all of this. We talk about your business and your brand, and help you understand what you really want to achieve with your branding. And we don’t mind if the odd per (or child!) pops into the call to say hello either! A little zoom hocus pocus with us, and you’ll be able to manifest the business of your dreams with no problem!

We have lots of laughs, coffee, plus the odd child or pet popping up! We have lots of laughs, coffee, plus the odd child or pet popping up!

zoom calls
free bonus anatomy of logo design

faqs faqs

Do I have to use you for the graphic design?

Nope! Of course I would love it if you did, but I’m not going to sit and force you to work with me! If I can help you get a little bit of clarity on your business, find your own North Star and give you a strong idea for some enchanting branding, then I’ll still be smiling.

How do I know if this will be right for me?

The Crystal Clarity package is perfect for anyone who wants to gain some clarity on their business or their branding. It’s designed as the first step towards a rebrand, and a way for you to get some strong foundations to build that brand on. If that sounds good, then it’s for you!

How will it be delivered?

Completely digitally! Your discovery call will be done on Zoom (so that we can make the best use of everyone’s time), and both the workbook and the course are online resources, available for you to complete at your leisure. So you don’t even have to leave the house if you don’t want to!

What will I get from this package?

Clarity on the direction of your business, and a deeper understanding of what you want to achieve, and how to achieve it. This package will help you discover your own brand magic, and provide the ingredients for a spectacular branding potion, should you choose to use them.

client love
Charlotte haye


I have never really known what it’s like to be in love with your branding. When I first started my business my branding was virtually non-existent, and even though it had evolved over the years, I was never really happy with it. I was never confident enough to start social media accounts, or refer people to my website. It just didn’t reflect me at all.

Until I met Gemma. She took the time to really understand me as a person, and asked a lot of deep, challenging questions to really discover what my business represented, and who I wanted to reach with it. I competed her brand discovery kit, and before I knew it she had whipped up some branding ideas to choose from. All of them were great, but there was definitely one that stood out. She let me pull in elements of the other ideas I liked, and before I knew it I had a brand I was genuinely excited about. I couldn’t stop looking at it!

She then went on to build me a website I’m proud to share with people, and even created a set of graphics, templates and documents for me to use on social media or to send out to prospects. Now every element of my business looks and feels the same, and my clients have already started commenting on how amazing it all looks.

Gemma has been utterly fantastic at every step. She’s always in contact, happy to answer any question (no matter how small or stupid), and truly does go above and beyond. I could not be happier with her work, and I recommend her to everyone I know for graphic design and branding.

Charlotte Haye ✦ Copwriter from Eleven Eight

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