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I believe the key to building a successful and long lasting business, is to create an authentic and beautiful brand, built upon the four key pillars – The 'Who', 'What', 'Why' and 'How'. When all four key pillars are in total alignment, that is when you’ll discover the true magic of clarity – or finding your north star, as I like to call it.

Your discovery of finding your true north can be a difficult journey to venture alone, which is why I designed my Crystal Clarity Package – which essentially, is a brand audit that’s a 1:1 process guided by me, combined with a touch of astro-magic!

I’ll take you on this unique and easy four-step journey, to help you discover your mission and vision, your unique stardust, your dream client and we’ll even deep dive into the heart and soul of your business to uncover your brand magic.

Gemma crystal

Puuurrfect For:

New businesses that want clarity on where to begin with their own branding journey

Businesses that want to implement strategy, focus and action on a rock-solid foundation

Businesses looking to establish a deeper and more meaningful connection with their brand and clients

Time Frame:

Estimated 1 to 2 weeks

The Magic Ingredients:

50+ Page North Star Workbook

1 Hour Clarity Call With Gemma

Star Chart + Human Design Analysis

Brand Report + Mood Board

Optional Bolt On:

bolt on Extra 1hr Clarity Call + £50

The Experience:

Brand Audit: A Detailed Review of Your Current Brand + Website

Suggestions + Feedback for Improvement

Support in Helping You Define + Refine Your Brand Foundation

Get Clear on What You Do + What You Offer to the World

Discover Your Unique Stardust

Crystallise Your Vision + Mission

Attract Your Dream Clients By Nailing Your Niche

Bonus Freebie:

The Ultimate Branding Love Spell eBook


Investment: £250


Step 01

north star workbook

A detailed 50+ page north star workbook

This is your pre-session document, which guides you on getting crystal clear on the four key areas of successful branding.

Step 02

clarity call

1HR clarity call with the brand alchemist

Together we will go through your answers from your workbook and get clear on your brand strategy via a zoom call.

Step 03

human design

Star chart + human design analysis

I will decode your stars to find a deeper understanding of why you are the way you are, which will give great insight to how you should build your brand.

Step 04

brand report and mood board

Brand report
& mood board

Based upon the previous three steps, I will present you with a detailed report guided by a video explaining my feedback in further detail.

The North star workbook

It took me a while to discover my own north star, but when I did there was no greater feeling of alignment – which is why I have put so much love and care into creating this special workbook for you. The workbook guides you through four key modules + one bonus module at the end. Together we’ll uncover your ‘Who’, ‘What’, ‘Why’ and ‘How’.

You maybe wondering, what exactly is a north star? Well, to put it simply, it means to follow your hopes and passions and to create a life you love with no limits or fears. I have been in a place of fear and lacking in self-confidence, to manifest my deepest desires – so I know how hard it can be to take that leap of faith!

And so when I started my business, I made it my mission to help as many buinesswomen, one beautiful and star-aligned brand at a time.

50 page workbook
what icon



(Your Vision & Mission)

Module 01

how icon



(Your Unique Stardust)

Module 02

why icon



(Heart & Soul of your Biz)

Module 03

who icon



(Your Dream Client)

Module 04

1 Hour clarity call

After I’ve emailed your north star workbook, I will book you in for a clarity call for the following week, as I feel it’s super powerful to discuss your brand vision whilst you’re in a productive mindset. I also strongly believe you must build a brand based on your authentic self, which is why I dedicate time to getting to know you.

The key is to not lose the momentum when you’re on this journey – which is why I am here to keep you accountable and help you show up for your business.

We have lots of laughs, coffee, plus the odd child or pet popping up! We have lots of laughs, coffee, plus the odd child or pet popping up!

zoom calls

star chart & human design analysis

Did you know that I am a Brand Alchemist? This means I can decode your stars as well as give you great branding advice for your business, which is backed up with evidence from your own human design chart. Additionally, I like to pull an oracle card or two, just for extra clarity!

Essentially, all I need is your date of birth, time of birth and location of birth and with this information it shows me a snap shot map of the stars from the moment you were born. By unlocking this star-powered knowledge, it gives me a deeper understanding of why you are the way you are and cosmic guidance as to how you should design and run your business based upon your unique stardust DNA.

This is captivating insight for me as your witchy brand designer, because I can optimise your brand strategy plan based upon the evidence that is literally written in the stars.

starchart and human design analysis

Brand report & mood board

After we have completed the brand audit and taken into consideration all the key details from your workbook, clarity call and star chart, I will then present you with a detailed report in the form of a PDF and video walk-through to give you extra clarity in relation to my feedback.

Inside this magical document, I will provide you with my honest review of your current branding and website and give you a clear and structured guide on how to re-align and optimise your business for success. I will also provide you with a mood board, which is an inspirational tool and visual representation of how I feel your brand could look like moving forward.

The ultimate goal is to create a solid foundation for you to grow your business further and to have a personalised plan of action that is filled with strategy, focus and purpose.


Bonus freebie!

Call me psychic, but I can already foresee that once you have experienced your north star journey from my brand audit review, it’s likely you will be in a place ready to rebrand or at least wanting to freshen up your current brand elements for your business. But I know from experience, rebranding for yourself can feel very overwhelming and confusing on where to begin.

Have no fear! As I have created a free eBook for you hot off the cauldron, called “The Ultimate Branding Love Spell” – which is a detailed checklist of all the key elements you need to build a successful branding identity and much more!


Are you ready to embark on a journey with me to discover your

North star

There are no limits on what you can achieve with your life, except the limits you accept in your mind.

- Brian Tracey

stars Frequently Asked Questions stars

What exactly is a Brand Audit? paw print

A brand audit is simply a detailed investigation into finding the strengths and weaknesses of your branding and identifying opportunities to boost your profits and establishes where your business sits in the market compared to your competitors

Brand Audits are also a really quick and cost-effective way of improving the value of your business. Because, by having a strong and aligned brand means that customers will prefer to buy from you, will increase customer loyalty, help you to reduce business costs, and overtake your competitors in any marketplace.

When you book a Brand Audit with me, I like to deep dive into the 4 key areas:

  • Who – Who do you do it for? (Your Dream Client)
  • What – What do you do? (Your Vision + Mission)
  • Why – Why do you do what you do? (The Heart + Soul of Your Biz)
  • How – How do you do what you do? (Your Unique Stardust)
How do I know if my business needs a Brand Audit? paw print

There are some key moments in the life of a business owner, when a Brand Audit will be necessary. The first is when they are at the start of their entrepreneurial journey and want clarity and professional advice on where to begin. Secondly, when they have been in business several years and have hit a growth wall, and all of the marketing strategies in the world are failing to break through that barrier or the business has taken a new direction and failing to attract their dream clients and possibly considering a rebrand.

My Crystal Clarity package is perfect for you, as it’s essentially a branding health check for your business, locating roadblocks in your business model and advising my best solutions for improvement, whilst implementing strong foundations to build your brand on. If you’re ever unsure if you need a Brand Audit – just ask me!

How long will it take me to complete the workbook? paw print

Roughly 5-7 days, if you pace yourself.

If you haven’t figured by now, I just love detail! Which is why I have poured my heart and soul in creating a big and juicy workbook that takes you on a journey of self-discovery of finding your north star – so that you can build a brand you love and live a life with purpose. However, I understand that 50+ pages sounds like a lot of work, but if you’re truly serious about investing in your business then you should dedicate the time, as your future self will thank you for it!

Do you create my logo & branding too? paw print

No. Logo and brand design is not part of a brand audit – think of it as me giving you the right tools and advice to build your own brand. However, if you get to the end of the brand audit and you decide you’d like me to create you a full branding suite for your business, then there might just be a cheeky little offer for you at the back of your brand report.

What is the booking and payment process? paw print

When you’re ready, you just need to ping me an email to... [email protected] to get the ball rolling. Then as soon as I’ve received your message I will send you the invoice and north star workbook. I will also schedule in your follow-up clarity call roughly a week later to go through your answers.

Payment for this package is required upfront and in full.

Do you offer a payment plan? paw print

No, not for this package. However, I do offer a Mini Brand Audit, which is a condensed version of this package with a lower price. You can find it on my shop here.

client love
Charlotte haye


I have never really known what it’s like to be in love with your branding. When I first started my business my branding was virtually non-existent, and even though it had evolved over the years, I was never really happy with it. I was never confident enough to start social media accounts, or refer people to my website. It just didn’t reflect me at all.

Until I met Gemma. She took the time to really understand me as a person, and asked a lot of deep, challenging questions to really discover what my business represented, and who I wanted to reach with it. I competed her brand discovery kit, and before I knew it she had whipped up some branding ideas to choose from. All of them were great, but there was definitely one that stood out. She let me pull in elements of the other ideas I liked, and before I knew it I had a brand I was genuinely excited about. I couldn’t stop looking at it!

She then went on to build me a website I’m proud to share with people, and even created a set of graphics, templates and documents for me to use on social media or to send out to prospects. Now every element of my business looks and feels the same, and my clients have already started commenting on how amazing it all looks.

Gemma has been utterly fantastic at every step. She’s always in contact, happy to answer any question (no matter how small or stupid), and truly does go above and beyond. I could not be happier with her work, and I recommend her to everyone I know for graphic design and branding.

Charlotte Haye ✦ Copwriter from Eleven Eight

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