Branding is the heart & soul of your business Branding is the heart & soul of your business

Your logo and branding is a reflection of you – or at least, it should be!

It plays such an important role in how successful your business is, and how well your product or service sells. On a deeper level, I believe your branding is the very heart and soul of your business, and without it, a business cannot thrive. As a Brand Alchemist, I have the power to tap into the core of your soul to extract a unique blend of energetic characteristics that make you who you are inside, to create something truly authentic and incredible. A brand that plays to your strengths, feeds your ambition, connects to your values and puts you in a class of your own. My Mystic Mirror package will do exactly that – hold up a mirror to your business, help you gain clarity and focus, and transform the reflection you see into something beautiful, bewitching and utterly irresistible, to you and your customers.

Puuurrfect For:

Businesses wanting a professional and passionate brand identity that mirrors their unique personality

Businesses who want to transcend their brand to new cosmic heights, to make an unforgettable and lasting impression on their dream clients

Businesses that desire a star-powered brand that is going to help you shine from a crowd of competitors and will open portals to new and exciting opportunities

Time Frame:

Estimated 4 to 6 weeks

The Magic Ingredients:

Primary Logo

Secondary Logo(s)

Submark Logo(s)

Brand Icons x 6

Colour Palette

Fonts x 3


Brand Pattern + Backgrounds

Brand Mood Board

Your Brand Style Guide

Your North Star Guidebook

Full Logo Pack Containing Both Print + Web Files: (Ai, PDF, JPG & PNG)

Optional Bolt On(s):

The Social Stardust Bundle + £250

Business Stationery x 2 (Double-sided Business Cards + Facebook Banner) Print is not included + £250

The Experience:

Free 30min Discovery Call

Welcome Pack + Discovery Questionnaire

Identify Who Your Dream Client Is

Clarity on Your Vision + Mission

Research + Inspirational Mood Board

A Detailed Step-by-step Design Process to Reach Dream Logo

3x Bespoke Logo Concepts to Choose From + Unlimited Revisions

Bonus Freebies:

Access to the 'Discover Your Brand Magic' eCourse

Launch Graphics + Handy Launch Guide

A Guide on Logo File Formats

Branding Price

Investment: £2,500

(4 month payment plan is available)

The social stardust bundle:

So you have a Canva account that isn’t being used to its full potential yet, and you’re about to invest in me to craft together some kick-ass branding, but you’re unsure of how to infuse your new branding into your templates? That’s why I brewed up this bolt on to help savvy entrepreneurs, such as yourself to able to continue to produce on-brand graphics inside your own Canva account.

Social Banner x 1 (e.g Choice of Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube or Twitter)

Social Graphics x 6

Instagram Stories x 3

Your branding to be uploaded to your Canva kit (logo, fonts, colours etc)

Bonus Freebie: A social media cheat sheet



bolt Bolt on: +£250


Meet your brand Alchemist

Working with a brand alchemist should be the simplest, most straight forward thing in the world. We guide you through the magical world of branding, giving you clarity on what you really want your business to be. We concoct a unique mixture of brand elements to reflect the true heart of your business, so you end up with a dazzling new brand and everything you need to show it off to the world.

Gemma North star

Package Overview:

Free Discovery Call

A dedicated zoom call with brand alchemist Gemma. We’ll discuss exactly what your business does, dive deep into your brand identity, and pinpoint those key elements that make you and your business unique.

Free Discovery Call

Welcome Pack

A comprehensive welcome pack designed to take you through the process of working with us, giving you all the information you need to know what comes next, and what we need from you.

Welcome Pack

Access To My Crystal Clarity Ecourse

Lifetime access to our Crystal Clarity e-course. This course helps you discover what it is that makes your brand tick, and reveals your true brand magic. It’s the perfect foundation to start your branding journey.

Access To My Crystal Clarity Ecourse

Full Brand Suite Of Logos + Supporting Elements

Everything you need to promote your business, from a brand new logo to exactly which fonts and colours to use – right down to the HEX code. So you can make sure your branding is consistent across every platform.

Access To My Crystal Clarity Ecourse
free bonus anatomy of logo design

faqs faqs

I've never worked with a Brand Designer before, what can I expect?

My aim is to make your experience with me as easy and stress-free as possible. However, I will require some input from you so we can complete the best work. To kick off our journey, you’ll receive a welcome pack outlining the process, your project timeline, design brief and details for the deposit. Once returned, you’ll be booked into the diary. Then, I get to work on your design and once it’s ready you’ll receive your design proof. Yay!

Why should I do the e-course?

Because without clarity, you’ll never be headed in the right direction, and your brand will stay distinctly un-magical. Our e-course helps you understand how your mind works, and gives us the information we need to create a magical reflection of you in your branding.

What does the package include?

The Mystic Mirror package includes a discover call, welcome pack, research & mood board, custom logo design, sub mark, full branding kit, a brand launch graphic, and your choice of 2 collateral items, custom designed.

How long will the process take?

Every design project is different, so we can’t give you an exact date for completion. However, our timeline for Mystic Mirror customers is around 4-6 weeks.

amelia hawes

“When I saw my visual branding

for the first time I instantly loved

it and was blown away”

Prior to working with Gemma, I knew something had to change with my branding and marketing. It was embarrassingly impersonal, yet my offering is deeply personal. I found Gemma online and LOVED her work, but had reservations around the amount of time I would have to wait to work with her and the amount of money I had to outlay.

Now I tell everyone that Gemma is worth the wait! I think my biggest fear was that once I financially committed and agreed to work together that she might present me with what she thought would be good but I wasn’t going to like it and how we would move forward from that? That fear was completely dispelled as soon as I received the first draft. When I saw my visual branding for the first time I instantly loved it and was blown away.

What you are really paying Gemma for is her ability to bring to life what you couldn’t do on your own. She extracts the best part of you so you can share your special gifts and shine your light for the rest of the world to see. That is something worth paying for. I know of no other person in her industry offering services to the depth she does.

Amelia Hawes ✦ Amelia Hawes Photography

Make today magic