Who run the world? Girls! Who run the world? Girls!

There is something inherently powerful about women working together. Put us together around a cauldron, and the creativity, energy and ideas that will come bubbling out are enough to conquer the world. And hey, Beyonce is always right.

At Infinity Creative, I believe in empowering and supporting women business owners, boosting them up and sharing in their success. Sometimes that means hooking them up with some other services they might need to make their new branding the best it can be.

So I created the Vibe Tribe. A group of amazing women whose businesses go hand in hand with what we do. They don’t just provide amazing services – they know how to elevate businesses to extraordinary heights and have fun doing it. They are businesses I have used and loved, and want to share with you.


The Vibe Tribe The Vibe Tribe

Hi, Gemma here. It’s taken me years to sniff out the perfect team to support you on your branding journey and beyond. It’s important to me that you get the same level of amazing service as I would expect, so I’ve hand-picked the best of the best in the creative world. These ladies can help you with anything; from brand photography or copywriting to printing and much more.


Ginny Marsh

Photographer // Gorgeous You Photography

Make an impact, inspire and tell your story. Your business is more than just a page on the web. It’s your message. Your legacy. Your dream. Portraying your personality and brand values across your images is vitally important for any business. Whether you’re a business or life coach, a therapist, a yoga teacher or a designer, you’re on a journey to be the best that you can be, and you need images to match.


Charlotte Haye

Copywriter // Eleven Eight

If you’ve got a website, then you need good web copy. It really is that simple. I’m your resident creative copywriter, wordy secret weapon, and hot chocolate sippin’ sidekick. I blend next-level word nerdery in the form of consumer psychology, neuromarketing strategy and creative storytelling for personality-driven words that woo and copy that converts. I’m here to extract your raw genius and translate it into captivating web copy, content marketing and sales funnel copy that illuminates your brilliance, articulates your value and sets you up for serious success..


Ainslie Chivers

Printer // The Print Lady

It’s been 27 years since I first stepped into the print industry as a trainee and I’m still fascinated by its constantly changing world. From state-of-the-art technology to revived vintage techniques, I love the vast range of possibilities you can achieve through print. I have extensive knowledge and experience to bring to the table and love to find creative ways to represent brands through print, mixing print techniques for the best possible results. Whether you’re looking for bespoke print craft or more standard litho or digital printing, as the Print Lady, I’m here to share my expertise with you so we can deliver the fabulous print you have in mind, meet budget objectives and exceed expectation - every time.


Trudy Simmons

Clarity & Productivity Coach // The Daisy Chain Group

It’s me, Trudy Simmons! I’m a positive and enthusiastic “Energizer Bunny” kind of woman. I’m an Audacious Butt-Kicker, Supportive Motivator, and Lover of Daisies. I am a Clarity and Productivity Coach! And I own The Daisy Chain Group. I find the good in each and every day, because I am doing my dream job and I want you to be doing yours too! I offer one-to-one coaching, monthly workshops, group coaching, events, networking and online communities to support women entrepreneurs. I have clients and communities to cover the WORLD, so that we can all get to KNOW each other. One of the questions I am often asked is, “Do you really get this excited about other peoples businesses?” The answer is YES!

I’m a proud
member of the

Hampshire Women’s

Business Group


A woman is nothing without her soul tribe, and I’m lucky to have found mine in the Hampshire Women’s Business Group. It’s a completely inclusive group of women united in one goal – to make every member’s business a success. They are my sounding board, my support network, and the first place I go to when I need a service or advice. We network a few times a month, get together for socials, and even work together on projects. So even if the service you need isn’t listed in my personal Vibe Tribe, I probably know someone who can help you out, no matter how random the request is!

The group is hosted by the wonderful Trudy Simmons, who is a powerhouse of knowledge and motivation. She’s known for helping women get clear in their business models, by dropping what I like to call “Clarity Bombs”. We all need someone in our corner to tell us what we need to hear, for the benefit and growth of our business - and you’ll certainly find that inside the Daisy Chain Group.

So if you want to come check the Facebook group out or join the networking, please take a look by clicking the links below.

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