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I’m Gemma and I’m known as the Brand Alchemist, but my clients have also called me their Branding Fairy Godmother, Business Bestie and Canva Queen – which I absolutely adore! I have a unique superpower, where I combine my wisdom of branding and the alchemy of astrology, where I decode my client’s star charts to deliver a truly aligned brand for heart centred businesswomen from around the world.

Behind the brand magic and design sorcery, I’m just a nature-loving witch with the soul of a hippy, that looks for pockets of magic in each and every day. It can be as simple as watching my cat, Salem, prance around the garden playing with yellow butterflies or just gazing up at the twinkly stars in the night sky, but most of all I find joy in the magic of transforming my clients’ businesses with my star powered brand makeovers.

As an empath and solopreneur myself, I understand my client’s frustration and struggles that come with having a great business idea that never makes it to fruition. I have a deep-rooted respect for purpose-led businesswomen that are on a mission to pursue their dreams, which is why I’ve made it my North Star mission to help women achieve wild success, through my branding and graphic design services.

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University of Surrey | Graphic Design | Infinity Creative

(2:1 Bachelor of Arts)

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My Creative Journey

In the early 90s, I discovered Crayola crayons and that was the moment I fell in love with art. I started drawing when I was just four years old, and my parents said my speciality was drawing my beloved cat, Miko. A few years later, I was encouraged by my primary school teacher, to nurture my artistic gift, which later won me an Art Scholarship at the age of 12.

Fast forward to my awkward, spotty teen years, where I found a deeper love for my creativity at Farnborough 6th Form College and learnt to combine art with computers – commonly known as Graphic Design. I discovered I had a natural flair with the Adobe Creative Cloud – well, back then it was called CS4! It is a fantastic design software, which I still use today.

Between pulling pints at my part-time job in the local pub, I decided to further advance my skills in Graphic Design by enrolling myself at the University of Surrey. It was some of the best years of my life, making lifelong friends and memories. When I graduated in the Summer of 2017, I also achieved ‘Best Project & Student of the Year’ – twice!

Shortly after graduation, I felt like I won the lottery because I was lucky to land my first full-time job as a Junior Graphic Designer at an award-winning design agency, where I got to work with clients from big aviation companies such as GKN Aerospace, BAE Systems, Southampton Airport, Farnborough International and even met a Dr Who Darlek!

Just one year into the corporate 9-5 grind, I soon felt a calling for freedom and to escape the testosterone-infused workplace. I desperately yearned to start a new chapter in my career as I had this niggling feeling that I was destined to work for myself. Plus I hated being told what to do – typical Aquarian trait! I guess you could say I found working for the ‘man’ was an incredibly limiting experience.

On the 26th March 2018 – I decided to believe in myself and follow my dream of creating a life with freedom and limitless opportunities. And so I took the leap into the entrepreneurial world to start my online business, Infinity Creative, at the eager age of 27. Since then, I have never looked back and soon found my niche in branding, working with soul-led businesswomen who want to leave a positive impact on the world and people’s lives. I want to continue my North Star mission, of helping the dreamers become trailblazers!

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The Girl Behind The Brand

Behind my iMac, Pantone swatches and the mountain of dead Starbucks iced coffee cups – I’m just your typical millennial girl that loves to enjoy the simple things in life. As a spontaneous and adventure-seeking Aquarian, I believe life is for living and experiencing new things, whilst making memories with our loved ones.

When I’m not busy working my brand magic for my beautiful clients, you’ll most likely find me in my natural habitat – water. I am such a water baby, and often spend hours swimming in the sea or in my local pool. I truly believe it’s nature’s medicine for the soul, and I often get called “mermaid girl” because I’m always diving deep underwater. Ariel is also my favorite Disney Princess, as let’s face it, don’t we all just wanna wear a clam bra and swim around with fish all day?

I also love to plan fun day trips and holidays with my best friend and fiancé, Adam. We’re both total history buffs and consider ourselves to be old souls. We love nothing more than exploring old castles and places associated with the National Trust – our favorite to date, was Osbourne House on the Isle of Wight.

A few more fun facts:

My favourite film is Hocus Pocus, and it’s always a Halloween tradition in my home.

I’m a Cat-Mum to four cats and they love to say hi on client Zoom calls.

I collect crystals, plants, pin badges and stationery – you can never have too many!

I am a published co-author and can’t wait to write my own book someday.

I’m drawn to the paranormal and love visiting old graveyards.

I love the smell of rain and petrol, but definitely not together!

I LOVE New York and got engaged in Central Park.

I am obsessed with Musicals and got to see Wicked on Broadway.

Autumn is my fave season, as I love the colours and the colder weather.

I love to read people’s star charts, combined with my oracle decks.

I’m a bad-ass archer – just call me Katniss Everdeen!

Facts about Gemma
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behind the pantones behind the pantones

Foodie, green-fingered, Halloween enthusiast and water baby – are just a few things to describe me. But, I wanna share with you a few snaps from behind the scenes, so you can see what I get up to when I’m not busy working my brand magic for my gorgeous clients.

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Adam and Gemma
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Gemma Swimming
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Gemma in the sea
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Gemma gardening
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My Core Values

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My creativity is a form of freedom and expression, and I love nothing more than using my creative superpower for the good of empowering businesswomen worldwide. Every year, I make a point of learning new skills and techniques within my industry to improve my design services, which helps elevate the businesses I work with.

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Magic can be found everywhere if we just take the time to look for it. I also believe within our universe, that we’re all cosmically connected, as it’s scientifically proven that we’re all made up of stardust. This is why I have a strong affinity with astrology, and by reading my client’s star charts, I can deliver a truly authentic and star aligned brand – which creates a unique and magical experience they’ll never forget.

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I don’t take myself or life too seriously, as I believe we’re on this planet for a good time, not a long time. So why waste time doing things that don’t fill you up with joy? I’m on my North Star mission to encourage women to follow their dreams and to build a business based on what they love and their personality, whilst making a positive impact on the world.

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I care very deeply about the businesswomen I work with because I embark on a creative journey of self-discovery with them. And over that time we form a strong friendship, and I want to continue supporting them, even after the branding experience is over. Being a solopreneur is hard, as so I see myself as my client’s biggest cheerleader.

Together… we are team infinity Together... we are team infinity

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Brand Alchemist
& Graphic designer

black doodle arrow aka The Boss!

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Web Wizard
& Tech Support

Meet our office pals

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Supervisor of creative magic
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Office chair warmer

we go together like… the moon & the stars we go together lik... the moon & the stars

meet adam

Meet My Adam

There is no Batman without Robin, there is no Ben without Jerry, there is no Spongebob without Patrick and there is certainly no Gemma without her Adam. If you haven’t guessed by now, Adam and I are life partners as well as business partners, and we found that not only was our chemistry a great mix, but our skills are a match made in heaven too. Adam is the Webmaster, developer and tech wizard for our company, Infinity Creative – in other words, he keeps everything running smoothly and manages all our client’s websites, hosting and tech issues. Don’t be surprised if he asks you… “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”. Adam by nature is such a laid back and chilled chap, which really helps ground me when we’re both up against a deadline for a big web project. Behind the madness and Adam’s bushy beard, he loves nothing more than supporting our growing community of awesome clients and offering them excellent web maintenance and tech support. Top tip, if you like doughnuts, pizza, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, zombie video games or 90s R&B music, you’ll make a friend for life with my Adam.

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Fun Couple's Q&A

Where did you both meet? paw print

Gemma: We met on an online dating site, before the days of swiping left, or is it right? Either way, as introverts, this was the only way we were gonna meet, even though Adam worked at my local Morrisons.

Adam: You played hard to get by taking days to reply to my DM.

Gemma: But, it worked right? 😉

What is your favourite memory you share together? paw print

Gemma: When Adam proposed to me in New York on the same date we met (14th November). He organised a horse and carriage ride up to the lady’s pavilion, by the lake in Central Park decorated with rose petals and he even got down on one knee in front of a huge audience!

Adam: Yeah, it’s gotta be our engagement! I was so nervous all day, and so impressed with myself I managed to pull it off. I would love to relive that memory again.

What is a quality you like best about each other? paw print

Gemma: I absolutely love Adam’s laugh and his goofiness. He has the ability to make me belly-laugh, even when I’m not feeling my best and end up forgetting about all the worries in the world. He is my absolute rock and completely grounds me.

Adam: That she is just so beautiful but has the smarts to go with it – I am a very lucky man!

What is a quality you dislike the most about each other? paw print

Gemma: I can’t stand it when Adam snores, he sounds like a grizzly bear with a head cold! Plus he gives off so much heat when he sleeps, it’s like sleeping next to a giant hot water bottle – I don’t mind it so much in the Winter months.

Adam: The fact that she’s always right and can win every argument!

Gemma: 😏😜

What was the best date night or adventure you’ve ever had? paw print

Gemma: I loved that time, one new years we spontaneously went on an epic 10 hour road trip to Scotland and explored the natural beauty of Isle of Skye, Glencoe and Loch Lomond. I will never forget how much fun and adventure we had exploring and discovering all the scenes from the Harry Potter films.

Adam: One the best adventures for me was when Gemma showed me how to ‘holiday’ as we went on our first all inclusive holiday to Antalya, Turkey. I was completely blown away by the all you can eat food buffets, luxury accommodation, pool-side entertainment and daily beach BBQ’s – did I mention the food? I had been completely missing out, because before I met Gemma, I was more familiar with camping holidays in the UK.

What goals do you both have for the future? paw print

Gemma: I would love to find our forever home in the middle of the woodlands, but also close to the sea – I’d also love for our new home to be a small farm full of cats, chickens, Shetland ponies and maybe even an alpaca or two. I love the idea of growing my own veg and eating organic eggs and just living my life growing old with my Adam.

Adam: I share the same goals as Gemma, and I would also love for us both to grow our business, Infinity Creative, even further where we can continue to support our clients on a global scale, to the point where we can afford to buy our idyllic farmhouse in the country and adopt a heard of animals. Now that would be magical.

Why work with us?

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Over 20 Years


Our unique stardust is the fact Adam and I are both experienced and qualified professionals within the branding and web world – which makes us the perfect design combo! Before we launched Infinity Creative, we both gained years of valuable wisdom working with top brands around the world. We now use our skills to help and empower female entrepreneurs.

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Client Support

Adam and I share the same pet peeve – poor customer service! Which is why we pride ourselves in delivering exceptional branding, graphic design, web services and beyond to every single client. What makes our services so special and unique, is that we take the time to get to know our clients and nurture a long-term friendship, to the point where we become business besties.

eye for detail

We Have An

Eye For Detail

Some people call us “too fussy” or “perfectionists” – but we take it as a compliment! We specialise in crafting custom, beautiful and aligned brands and websites, that will blow your competitors out of the water. After all, who wants a bland and boring cookie-cutter brand/website? When you work with us you can be guaranteed to receive a unique brand and website of your dreams.

your success

Your Success

Is Our Success

Our number one goal for all our clients, is to give them a unique and powerful brand that will help them reach wild success and beyond. We believe whole-heartily in Simon Sinek’s philosophy of always leading with your “WHY” which is why our mission is to elevate and transform businesswomen into trailblazers of their field – ultimately, your success equals our success and we wanna see you achieve BIG!

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infinity creative star footer YOU’VE LOST TOUCH WITH YOUR BRAND IDENTITY

You should be in love with your business and your brand – which is hard when you have no connection to it. Our packages bring you back to level 1, and discover the hidden gems that you’d forgotten were there. Then. We create a distinct, beautiful and bewitching brand that captivates your prospects, enchants your clients, and gives you the confidence to show up and stand out.

infinity creative star footer EVERYTHING IS STARTING TO FEEL A BIT OUT OF DATE

Is your old D.I.Y logo not really doing it for you anymore? Your website looking tired and a bit dated? Don’t worry, it happens to everyone. But we can bring breath of fresh air to your brand, give it a shine, and make sure it sparkles like crystals again.

infinity creative star footer YOU’RE ONE-OF-A-KIND, BUT DON’T SHOW IT

Our unique approach means we dig deep into what makes you, and your business tick, so that we can bring it all out in your branding. We find all of those quirks and special stardust that make you stand out from the crowd, and then we help you shout it from the rooftops!