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As a Brand Alchemist, I can sense you’ve fallen out of love with your branding, which is failing to attract your dream clients and as a result, your leads have dried up to tumbleweeds.
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Don’t panic! I’ve got just the perfect love potion to revive your business. Download my ultimate checklist (for free!) and discover all the magical ingredients to become enchanted with your branding again.

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Hey Lovely!

I’m Gemma Storey

Font Nerd star Cat Mum star House Plant ENTHUSIAST

I’m over the moon to see you here, in the magical online realm of Infinity Creative – where your dreams are limitless! 

I’m a Brand Alchemist, and I can sense that you have a wild, wondrous light worth sharing with the world, and I would be honoured to help you ignite and illuminate it on your path to greater success.

My superpower is crafting star aligned brands for heart centred businesswomen, such as yourself, by infusing my wisdom in logo design and astrology. I find joy in conjuring up the puuurfect branding love potion, to help you fall back in love with your business again. 

When I’m in the creative flow of my brand alchemy, I like to use Adobe Illustrator as my cauldron and my Apple Pencil as my magic wand, to mix it all together to guarantee a personalised and spellbinding experience you’ll never forget.

Under the supervision of my black cat (Salem), I will decode your stars and unlock the clues to discovering your true north, which will guide me to manifest your vision and attract your soul tribe. My north star mission is to transform and elevate female-led businesses that care deeply about the work they do for their community and want to sprinkle their unique stardust onto the world in a positive and impactful way.

So, are you ready to take your business to the next level and beyond?

Check out what's hot from salem's shop Check out what's hot from salem's shop

Choose your adventure Choose your branding adventure

The Crystal Clarity Package crystal clarity package is a brand audit for female entrepreneurs

The Crystal
Clarity Package


Get into the nitty gritty and understand what makes your brand tick. Get your hands on the tools you need to make your brand a success.

The Crystal Clarity Package mystic-mirror-package-branding

The Mystic
Mirror Package

Logos & Branding

Your branding is a reflection of you. I'll make sure you’ve got an enchanting mirror to look into for me to develop your brand, give it a personality, and to make sure it shines.

The Crystal Clarity Package client vip days

V.I.P Days

Graphic Design

Create your brand, and then take it digital. Everything you need to make a splash online and make your website something you’re really proud of.

The Crystal Clarity Package luxury-branding-and-ecommerce-web-design-package for female entrepreneurs

Boo's Shop

Online Shop

The ultimate package to craft the business of your dreams with all the elements + more! You’ll be ready to start casting your own lead-generating spells in no time!

Looking for a sign from the Universe? a-sign-from-the-universe

We could be the perfect match

At Infinity Creative I love working with strong businesswomen who have fire in their bellies and magic in their hearts – but just don’t know how to put that on paper. I tap into all that power and work my own witchcraft to create a brand that is so deeply unique and personal, it becomes part of you instantly. If you like the vibe of my work, that’s one big tick in the box straight away! I suggest you book a free virtual coffee, so we can get to know each other a little better, and see if you could join our Infinity team of amazing businesses.

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