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Does content creation give you the ick?

Does content creation give you the ick?

Ditch the endless hours creating DIY designs, and allow me, a pro designer, to elevate your brand by creating scroll-stopping social media graphics, delivered to your inbox every month!

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Does This Sound Like You?

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Visibility is Key!

I get it, you started your business to serve your audience and not dance around like a tit on social media. But there’s a reason social media exists. It’s a FREE and easy way of getting VISIBLE in front of your ideal clients. After all, you can’t be the best-kept secret and wonder why you’re struggling to attract new clients. Embrace the power of social media today!

Lemme Ask You This:

  • Are you confident that your current social media strategy is turning casual browsers into raving fans who are dying to work with you?
  • Do you find yourself exhausted by the endless cycle of content creation and eager for a more streamlined solution that will give you back more time?
  • 69%of consumers agreed that they check out a brand's social media before deciding to buy.
  • Are you truly satisfied with the engagement levels on your social media platforms, or is there room to spark more meaningful conversations?
  • Are you ready to elevate your online game and let a pro designer handle your social media, so you can focus on your core business?

Don't Panic, I Can Help You!

After we join forces, your social media content will be transformed. Picture this: a social media profile you're genuinely proud of, adorned with stylish, personalised, and eye-catching images that effortlessly showcase your unique service or product. Your audience will connect with your authentic story, and your social media presence will become a lighthouse attracting your dream clients. Above all, you'll gain the confidence to navigate social media with ease. I'll demystify its secrets, turning it into a fantastic tool for your business, and best of all, you'll reclaim your precious time for yourself


Here's The Secret

Attracting your ideal buying clients revolves around the 'know, like, and trust' factor. Selling to a cold audience simply won't cut it; you have to warm them up first. Think of it as stoking the flames of connection before expecting them to step into the warmth of your offerings.

Sure, the cold might not have bothered Elsa anyway, but it sure as hell will bother your audience and your conversions! Yikes, this means having an online presence for your business is officially a MUST – no excuses! Your journey to success starts with building those digital fires of familiarity and trust, and I'm here to help you ignite the warmth your audience craves. Let's turn those chilly prospects into warmly engaged clients!

The Toasty Warm Formula To Success!Success!

Imagine your social media presence as a journey through the kingdom of Arendelle, much like Anna's quest to reconnect with her sister Elsa in Frozen.



Just as Anna embarks on her adventure to understand Elsa, your audience begins by getting to know your brand through social media. Your posts and stories provide glimpses into your world, showcasing your values and what makes you unique. Like Anna, they start their journey of discovery.



As your audience engages with your content, they form an emotional connection, much like the bond that develops between Anna and Kristoff during their journey. Your authenticity and relatability resonate with them, and they begin to like your brand. Just as Anna and Kristoff grow closer, your audience starts to feel closer to your brand.



Over time, your consistent and genuine presence on social media fosters trust, similar to how Anna and Elsa rebuild their sisterly bond. Your audience sees your expertise, reliability, and commitment, much like how Anna and Elsa rediscover their trust in each other. This trust is the foundation upon which they're willing to take the next step and become your dream clients.

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It’s Time To Give
It To You Straight...

Let’s face it, being a business owner is hard work! I bet you never anticipated becoming a graphic designer and social media manager all at once when starting your business. The overwhelming demands of these tasks can make you lose the passion you once had for your business, especially when you struggle to find time for content creation. You started your business to reclaim sweeeeet, sweet freedom. But now? You can’t even take a pee break without taking your phone with you. Here’s the problem: you’re wearing too many hats and it’s wearing you the f*ck out! How are you supposed to run your business, keep clients happy and become a social media superstar? 🤯 There’s a simple solution – Supercharge Your Socials! No more sacrificing your business passion for endless social media tasks. It's time to break free from the grind, get back your sweet freedom, and let me handle the rest. 🚀✨

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But Gemma...But Gemma...

"I could totally do
this all by myself"

Sure, you totally could! But let’s be real, are you gonna? Do you have a rock-solid history of consistently finding time to create and batch content for social media? Or could you do with outsourcing your least favourite job to a pro? If you fall into the latter category, then get ready to ditch your biggest time drain and allow me to dazzle your audience with strategic and engaging content courtesy of Supercharge Your Socials.

"I can just get
my VA to do this"

Uhuh, let's talk numbers first. Hiring a virtual assistant to do this for you would cost you at least £600+ a month. But here's the real question: do they reaaaally know what they’re doing when it comes to graphic design? Sure they could tweak a template off the Canva library, but I doubt they fully understand design principles or have 15+ years of experience in the design realm. Hmm... Yeah, probably not.

"I can’t afford
another subscription"

I get it, the budget's tight, but do you really need that Netflix subscription? What I offer is an investment in your business, which can be claimed back on expenses! What's your current game plan for getting your business out there? Without marketing, it's like trying to score a goal with no ball. This subscription? It's your playbook, bringing in leads, forging connections, and turning potentials into paying clients. It's not just a subscription; it's your business's wingwoman!

"How can I be sure
the content will be
aligned to my brand?"

Rest assured, I don't just create generic content; I make it my mission to dive deep into your brand and business. My goal is crystal clear: to craft marketing assets that seamlessly reflect your personality, mission, messaging, and values. It's not just about content; it's about creating a cohesive narrative that resonates with your audience and turns potential clients into paying ones. Your brand's uniqueness will shine through every piece of content, attracting the right clients to your doorstep.

How It Works

Discovery Call

Discovery CallDiscovery Call

First I’ll invite you to hop on a Design Discovery Call. It's an essential part of my process. I'm committed to making your social media truly sound like you. To achieve this, I need to get to know you and your business inside and out, allowing me to understand your unique voice, vision, and values. It's the first step towards crafting content that authentically aligns with your brand and resonates with your audience.

Create Content

Create ContentCreate Content

Creativity is my superpower! Crafting captivating content brings me immense joy, and it's my pleasure to infuse that creativity into your brand's social media presence. So now you can sit back and watch me work my design magic. When you entrust in me, it’ll gift you back more time to either work on the tasks you love in your business or just kick back with a glass of wine and chill - you deserve it!

Content Drop

Content DropContent Drop

And just like magic, every month on the dot, my G-mail pixies will drop a month's worth of social media content straight into your inbox. All the Canva Templates and captions can be found in your very own Trello board, making it super easy for you to upload your branded and ready-to-post content to your scheduler. In that same email, I will prompt you to book your Power Hour (Zoom Call) to discuss next month's content drop.

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Is Supercharge Your Socials Right For You?

  • tickYou want to break free from the pressure and stress of creating content for social media every month.
  • tickYou want to work with a professional graphic designer that understands you and your business.
  • tickYou want drool-worthy and scroll-stopping social content that attracts ideal buying clients.
  • tickYou want top-quality and brand-consistent designs without breaking the bank.
  • tickYou want more time and freedom to focus on the business tasks you love and spend more time with your family.
  • tickYou’re ready to level up in your biz. You want to be visible so you’re seen as the go-to expert in your industry.
  • crossYou’re a DIY enthusiast and prefer to create all your own content.
  • crossYour business has an in-house design team that already handles your content.
  • crossYou don’t care about having a beautiful and branded social presence.
  • crossYou’re not a fan of outsourcing and prefer to handle alllllll the tasks it takes to run a business.
  • crossYou don’t place value on professional design. You’d rather wing it using random fonts and colours with no clear strategy.
  • crossYou’re more comfortable with a quieter brand presence and not ready to step into the social spotlight yet.
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The 4 Key Layers of Content Strategy

Social media is much like a cake with 4 key layers: Connect, Educate, Entertain and Promote. Each layer serves a unique purpose, making it easier to craft meaningful and purposeful content. Rather than playing guessing games, you can strategically create posts that foster connections, educate your audience, inspire engagement and promote your offerings. By understanding these layers, you'll be able to bake up a delicious social media presence that satisfies your audience's appetite for valuable content.



This content layer serves as the bridge that links your brand to their hearts and minds. To achieve this, you must embrace the role of a storyteller.



To position yourself as an expert, generously share your knowledge with your audience. This practice showcases your expertise and builds trust with your followers.



People stay engaged on your social media longer when they encounter content that both entertains and inspires. Social media should be fun and not too much selling.



Talk about your offerings, share client testimonials and send people to your website for free resources and more information. Just remember to not swamp your feed with promo posts.

What You Get

monthly power hours

monthly power hours

Each month, I’ll invite you to book your VIP Power Hour (Zoom Call). It's your chance to share your exciting ideas for next month's content drop, and together, we'll turn them into social media magic!

a month of content

a month of content

10 fully editable Canva templates, which consist of a mixture of single grid images and carousel posts + captions and hashtags (giving you a month's worth of content) all neatly laid out on your own Trello board.

Private whatsapp group

Private whatsapp group

You'll be invited to your own WhatsApp lounge. It's a private space for us to connect, share ideas, and provide that extra layer of support. It's not just about graphics; it's about building a deep relationship where questions are answered and ideas flourish.

Your Content Designed By a Pro!

Imagine all your content designed by yours truly – a qualified brand alchemist with a solid 15+ years in the game. Yep, I've worked with big shots like Google, PayPal, NASA and Starbucks, serving up super-slick designs. The best part? You're getting that fancy agency-level quality without breaking the bank. It’s all about bringing world-class design right into your inbox!


Monthly Payment

  • boltMonthly Zoom Calls
  • bolt10 Editable Canva Templates
  • boltMixture of Single & Carousel Posts
  • boltCaptions & Hashtags
  • boltPrivate WhatsApp Group
  • boltPrivate Trello Board
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Annual Payment

  • boltMonthly Zoom Calls
  • bolt10 Editable Canva Templates
  • boltMixture of Single & Carousel Posts
  • boltCaptions & Hashtags
  • boltPrivate WhatsApp Group
  • boltPrivate Trello Board
  • bolt2 Months Free

* Please note the monthly package is a 3 month commitment


stars Frequently Asked Questions stars

How does the payment process work? paw print

Both my monthly and annual subscriptions are processed through my website and powered by Stripe, which means it’s a secure payment system that will convert to your currency if you’re outside of the UK. From the moment you sign up, the payment will automatically renew on the same day either monthly or annually, depending on which subscription plan you choose.

Can I provide input on the social media graphics? paw print

Absolutely! Your input is most valuable because I want your social media graphics to be a true representation of you and what you’re offering. Every month there will be a reminder email sent out to book a Zoom meeting with me to discuss your ideas for next month’s content. If you’re too busy, there will be another option to fill out a short questionnaire so that I can still fulfil your vision.

Do you schedule the social media content for me? paw print

No, Supercharge Your Socials doesn't include scheduling services. While I provide expertly crafted graphics and captions to streamline your content creation process, the scheduling aspect is left in your capable hands, providing a personalised touch to your social media strategy. However, I do recommend using an ever-green scheduler like SmarterQueue.

Can you create other content for me, besides my social media? paw print

I can, but not under this subscription. This subscription is solely about supercharging your social media with awesome graphics. However, if you need design help with things like business cards, lead magnets, flyers or anything of that nature, please visit Salem’s shop.

What is the cancellation policy? paw print

For the annual subscription, there is a commitment of 12 months. Whereas, the monthly subscription requires a minimum commitment of 3 months. Should you decide to cancel your subscription, simply email me after the minimum period, allowing a 14-day notice to avoid the automatic renewal of your next subscription fee. Please also note that I do not provide refunds or early cancellations simply because your situation has changed or you have changed your mind.

Got another question?

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