Let's book a virtual... Coffee date! Let's book a virtual... Coffee date!

Do you like what you’ve seen on my website? Is your curiosity as strong as a cat, and you’re just itching to learn more about my brand magic?

Fantastic! I’d love to hear from you! All of my coffee chats are completely free, relaxed with no obligations attached, and the perfect place to pick my brains about all things branding and web. Please do get in touch with me via the email below and I will reply promptly to organise a zoom call to discuss your project ideas in the comfort of your own home. I look forward to hearing from you and can't wait to get started on your branding love potion!


Coffee date
Coffee date

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Let's create brand Magic Let's create brand MagicGeneral Information

If you are ready to take your brand to new heights, then I can’t wait to be your Brand Alchemist and guide you on this exciting adventure! To officially start the booking process, please first fill out the discovery form on the right. Once I have received your form, I will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your ideas in more detail.

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I specialise in creating a full branding experience, no matter which package you choose. This means I unfortunately can’t help if you’re simply looking to update a small element of your current brand or website.

I am unable to accept rush booking for branding projects. I don’t believe in taking any shortcuts when it comes to something as important as business identity.

I like to focus my full attention on one client at a time, which means there might be a waiting list before I can work with you - but I will let you know my earliest availability when you enquire.

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No worries, feel free to ping me an email at...



General Information General Information



Infinity Creative is an online business. This means I primarily communicate via email, allowing me to take note of all design requests and stick to my busy schedule. If you’d like to have a phone/Zoom call, no problemo! Please email me so we can arrange a time that suits us both.



I’m crafting away Mon-Thurs 9am-5pm and Fridays 9am-12pm, but I don’t work weekends or public holidays. I also like to take the occasional holiday or long weekend (who doesn’t, right?), but I will let you know in advance if any upcoming leave might impact your project in any way.



Because of the nature of my work, I do require a 50%, non-refundable deposit up-front before I get started. At the end of the project, final artwork files will be sent as soon as the remaining balance is paid. All payments must be made via bank transfers, and my 4-month payment plans are automated via GoCardless

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