Top 5 Excuses Small Business Owners Use To Avoid Branding

Top 5 Excuses Small Business Owners Use To Avoid Branding

As a Brand Alchemist, I have heard all the excuses small business owners use to avoid branding, and I’m here to help debunk a few assumptions you may have.

Your top priority as a small business owner should be creating a powerful brand. Why? Because your brand shows the world who you are – what makes you and your business unique and stand out from the crowd. And if you haven’t noticed, the crowd is getting bigger and louder in most industries, so now is the time to stop with all the excuses that are holding you back from success!

Upon launching your business, you would have made a logo, assembled a website, and were happy to choose a mish-mash of colours and fonts you liked. Am I right?

But as your business grows and quite possibly evolves, you might be feeling like your business brand is becoming…well, kind of boring and not you. Sound familiar?

So, you know you need to work on your business branding, but in reality, you’re thinking, ‘Eek, it’s the last thing I have time for right now’. Sure, it’s made your to-do list, but it keeps getting pushed to the bottom.

Excuses Small Business Owners Use To Avoid Branding

Let’s keep it real. Excuses are super easy to make. As small business owners, we all do it – in life and business. There are dishes to do, but the couch is far more inviting, so they can wait. There’s business branding to redo, but it feels like hard work, so it can wait.

We’re all human with busy lives, so excuses are honestly 100% normal. But let’s try and overcome the top excuses most small business owners give themselves to avoid their business branding.

“I Don’t Have Enough Time”

Ok, fair enough! Running a business and living life can leave you feeling like you’ve become the world’s best juggler. Seriously, why don’t we win medals for this?!

But rather than looking at the entire business branding job at hand, here are some handy hints:

  • Look at your branding and note down what you think isn’t working – is it your business name, your logo, your colours, your website or your messaging?
  • What’s more important to you right now – what would you change first?
  • To start with, why not just work on a small piece of your branding?
  • When you start breaking branding tasks down into bite-sized pieces, you’ll start (finally) moving them off your to-do list.

“Branding Is Too Expensive”

There’s no denying it — brand design is an investment. 

Simply put, design and strategy make a big impact on your business. Working with a brand designer and strategist is a big investment in your business because of the value it brings to your brand and the results it can help you achieve. 

If you work with a professional brand designer, you’ll receive a tailored and customised branding package. You can get a clear picture of what your brand will transform into and work on your brand piece by piece, knowing your money is well spent. The result will be a powerful brand, and you’re not wasting your money on guessing what you should do or DIY’ing cheap-looking logos every 5 minutes. Instead, you will be making a wise investment for the growth of your business.

“Branding Is Too Expensive”

“I Don’t Need Branding Right Now”

When our business is bobbing along, and we’re working day in, day out with money coming in, it’s easy to think, ‘I don’t need to change much right now’

But what about your big ideas? Is your half-assed branding going to cut it in the long run?

When you start thinking, ‘I need more – better clients, bigger paying clients, working fewer hours for more money’, will your brand give the right impression to evolve?

It’s like plumbers with leaky taps or hairdressers with bad hair. You think, how can you help me when you can’t help yourself?

If you’re asking your ideal clients to ‘check you out (in a non-stalker way)’, are you giving them the right impression to make them want to work with you?

Unique, personalised branding will lay the strong foundations for your business’s future to flourish.

“It’s Too Overwhelming To Even Begin”

And that’s why there are people who specialise in this area! You’re amazing at what you do, but no one said you need to be a jack of all trades running a small business.

Reaching out to a branding expert, who takes the time to get to know you and your biz properly allows you to focus on your zone of genius while they do what they do best – building you a powerful business brand.

You’ll receive a crystal clear, consistent brand with guidelines and all the supporting elements for you, so you can rest easy knowing your branding is sorted.

“I Don’t Know What I Want From My Brand”

Have you ever felt brand envy? You’ve seen someone’s website or logo or posts and had that feeling of, ‘When I grow up, I want to be like them’?

That’s a great start – you do know what you want. BUT, you want it to be you – your vibe, your passion, your uniqueness.

So, how do you get that?

Outsource to a brand designer! Your brain will be picked; you can count on that. What imagery do you like, colours, wording, design etc.?

Your brand will be built around you and your passion. You’ll create a brand that’ll leave you super confident and ready to showcase your unique stardust to the world.

Need To Chat With A Brand Designer?

Need To Chat With A Brand Designer?

If you’re feeling motivated and ready to overcome your excuses, I highly recommend scheduling a complimentary and no-obligation Curiosity Call with me.


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