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Soul Aligned Branding

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Hello Moonbeam – I’m Gemma, more commonly known as the Brand Alchemist, and I’m on my North Star mission to transform businesses around the globe, with star-powered brands. I combine my craft of design with the alchemy of astrology to conjure up the ultimate branding love potions for my clients.

I must warn you though, that my branding love spells are very potent with a 100% success rate, as they have the power to make you fall head over heels in love with your business again and consistently magnetise your dream clients. And guess what? All of the love spells that I brew are completely bespoke and consist of a key and secret ingredient – a sprinkle of your own unique stardust. I believe we’re all made up of stardust and discovering your own can be really hard to do alone, which is why with my help and my cat, Salem, I can decode your stars and unlock the clues to creating an authentic, soul-stirring and star-aligned brand for your business that you can feel proud of.

So if you’ve been feeling uninspired and unaligned with your current branding, because it doesn’t truly convey the special gifts you have to offer to the world, then I would love to invite you on a branding adventure full of self-discovery and magic. Curious to know more? Then please take a scroll with me.

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Discover the magic ingredients it takes to conjure up a beautiful and authentically star-aligned brand

Puuurrfect For:

tickSolopreneurs that are feeling embarrassed, frustrated and overwhelmed with wasting their time DIY’ing, but are now fully ready to invest in a professional to transform their vision into a reality.

tickSolopreneurs that deeply desire an authentic and aligned brand that will fill them with confidence to shine online, which will also magnetise their soul clients.

tickSolopreneurs that are ready to embrace their true north, to feel seen as the go-to expert in their industry, and transcend their business to great heights shadowing their competitors.

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Time Frame:

Estimated 6 – 8 weeks

Please note: Because I choose to work closely with one client at a time, there could be a short waiting list. If you email me, I can let you know my earliest availability and if you want to secure your slot it is a £111 non-refundable deposit.

The Magic Ingredients:

starPrimary Logo

starSecondary Logo


starBrand Mark

starColour Palette

starFonts x 4

starSupporting Elements

starBrand Board + Brand Guidelines

Optional Bolt On(s):

bolt The Social Sorceress (Set-up Brand Kit & Folders in Canva, Social Media Posts x 16 & Social Banners x 2)

bolt The Business Boss-witch (Business Cards, A6 Note Card & A5 Flyer)

bolt The Email Enchantress (A Lead Magnet x 6 pages, Email Newsletter Template x 1, Promo Pinterest Graphic x 1)

bolt The Mixed Magician (Customise your bolt-on package by pick ‘n mixing 3 items from the other packages above)

The Experience:

starFree 30-min Curiosity Call

starWelcome Pack + North Star Discovery Workbook

starDeep Dive Analysis of Your Star Chart

starDetailed Step-By-Step Design Process to Reach Dream Logo

star3x Bespoke Logo Concepts to Choose From + Unlimited Revisions

star3x Client Cauldron Calls via Zoom (to go through your feedback)

starDelivery of Full Branding Suite With Files for Web + Print

Aftercare Support:

infinity creative star footerThank You Pack

infinity creative star footerAccess to a Brand Training Masterclass + Handy Resources

infinity creative star footer1hr Brand Clarity Call – A Coaching Session to Strategise Your Plan of Action

infinity creative star footerTwo Weeks of Extra Support via WhatsApp – Your Virtual VIP Lounge





100% of the payment is required at the start of the project.



Spread the cost out across 4 monthly payments, which is automated via my website. Final files will be sent after the last payment is collected.

Book A Curiosity Call

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Step 01 – The Vibe Check

stage one

Book Your Curiosity Call

Every branding adventure starts with a Curiosity Call – which is a free, no-obligation, 30-minute zoom call to discuss your questions and queries before deciding to work with me.

I think it’s super important that we both take the time to get to know each other first, before working together, because my branding love potions can take up to 6 to 8 weeks to complete – so I wanna make sure we’re a puuuurfect fit.

I personally work best with fun, ambitious, empathic women who are solopreneurs that are ready to level up in their business and hungry for wild success. If this sounds like you, and you’re ready to embark on your branding adventure, then please book directly onto my digital diary by clicking my black cat, Salem, over there on the right. We both can’t wait to virtually meet you!

curiosity calls salem

finding the puuurfect match finding the puuurfect match 01

My Curiosity Calls are super chilled – ultimately, it’s just a casual chat to see if we have that cosmic connection, because I find true joy from working with clients driven by their passion and whom I can see being long-term friends with. You can expect to see my four cats pop up occasionally and say hi during our Zoom call – your furry pals are also welcome to join in on the fun too!

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Gemma Zoom
Gemma Zoom
Gemma Zoom

Booking Your Branding Project

Before you invest in me as your Brand Alchemist, I always advise my enquiries to have a chat with at least two other Brand Designers – just to be doubly sure! After all, this is a big investment and I believe something as important as your branding shouldn’t be rushed.

Picking a designer is a little bit like dating. You may have to kiss a few frogs, but eventually, you find the one, right? Like my Mumma always said, “you’ll just know” – it should feel like that fluttery butterfly feeling in your tum-tum that makes you go all giddy inside.

So, if you’re feeling my quirky and witchy vibes and want me to bring your brand vision to life, then I’ll get Salem to book you into my diary at my earliest availability. Sometimes, there could be a short waiting list, so if you’re still a keen bean then you’d need to secure your slot with a £111 non-refundable deposit.


Step 02 – Client On-Boarding


Welcome Pack

Once your project is confirmed and booked into the diary, you will shortly receive your personalised welcome pack from me via email. Inside the handy pack, you can expect to find details on the project scope, creative process, general info and much more.

Did you know that I’m a Virgo Rising? This means I absolutely love attention to detail and organised systems in place – yup, I’m that annoying person that owns a label maker and considers a day trip to the local homeware store to buy more clear storage bins to label, is a top-tier day out!

So much so, that I’ve discovered I experience that same dopamine fix every time I send a new client their welcome pack, because I take pride in knowing they feel warmly welcomed and assured of what’s going to happen next.




(Heart & Soul of your Biz)




(Your Dream Client)




(Your Vision & Mission)




(Your Unique Stardust)

The North Star Workbook

Shortly after you have opened your welcome pack, you will be invited to go on a quest to find your North Star, which will be in the form of a short workbook. I believe that everyone has a North Star, which in its purist meaning is to follow your purpose and passions in life. The North Star is a symbolic compass to remind you that, when you follow your purpose and passion, you are on the path of true alignment and joy.

I strongly believe that’s the key to unlocking your unique stardust treasures, that will help me create a more powerful brand that will guide you on a path of wild success. In this workbook, the goal is to capture all of the four key star treasures that make up your brand essence – the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how. In this workbook, some questions may challenge you, but they will force you to think critically about what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, for whom and most importantly, why!


Step 03 – The Creative Magic


Decoding your star chart

The first thing I do, before I begin my brand magic, is gaze into your star chart – which is a snapshot of the skies of when you were born. I like to think of star charts as treasure maps to the soul, and typically, I look at your ‘big three’ which are your sun, moon and rising sign. Believe it or not, your start chart can tell me a lot about you, from your personality, ideal client, message and mission – why do I infuse astrology into my branding process, I hear you ask? Because it allows me to craft a more personalised and unique brand based on your soul print.

It also helps me unlock more clues to understanding your north star. Our north star acts like a compass that is always intuitively guiding us in the direction of our true purpose in life – we must never ignore our soul’s calling! Trust me, I speak from experience, which is why I created my star-powered formula, to help redirect businesswomen back onto the path of alignment and to reconnect with their true authentic selves.


The Three Phases of branding


01 Conjuring your logos

This is when the real magic begins! I start by creating a mood board inspired by what I learned from your star chart and north star workbook. I will piece together a look and feel, using imagery, colour swatches and fonts. From there, I will begin to conjure up three logo concepts for you to choose from – including a wild card option!


02 Brewing your brand

This part is the development stage, where I take on board your feedback from our last Client Cauldron Call, and refine your chosen logo concept even further. I will also work on developing your supporting elements too, as this is what really elevates a brand.


03 Completing the love spell

After you have confirmed you’re 100% in love with your new branding, I will finalise your assets and present them beautifully into your brand guidelines. Think of it as your personal brand bible that’ll help you keep your branding consistent. After this stage, this is when I will start working on your bolt-ons, if you have added that to your package.

Brand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love Stories

Brand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love Stories

gemma storey star branding

Click the thumbnails to view some of the spellbinding brands I’ve been conjuring for women across the globe!


Brand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love Stories

Brand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love StoriesBrand Love Stories

Boost Your Brand With Bolt-ons

I understand that you may require something a little more than just new branding to help elevate your business even further, which is why I offer a selection of four bolt-ons to choose from. Each bolt-on was carefully designed to help with a specific business area, such as your social media, business stationery, email marketing, Canva templates and much more!

These optional bolt-ons can be added to your star aligned branding package as an extra, for just £333 each. Please note that all bolt-ons are started swiftly after your branding has been completed, and cannot be postponed to be done later in the year as I have other projects booked in.

choose your bolt on package
The Social Sorceress

The Social Sorceress

This branding bolt-on helps businesswomen who want to level up their social media presence and connect with their ideal clients online.

It includes a bundle of templates that are designed using Canva, which is a graphic design tool that allows users to easily create professional and scroll-stopping designs.

The beauty of using Canva, is that it allows you the flexibility to edit your templates at any time with no extra cost. The added bonus is that I set you up for success, by importing all your branding files and organising them into tidy and manageable folders for you.

The Magic Ingredients:

  • Set-up Brand Kit & Folders in Canva
  • Social Media Posts x 16
  • Social Banners x 2
  • Discover the magic of Canva for yourself and trial it free for 30 days – click here!

The Business Boss-witch

This branding bolt-on helps businesswomen who want to improve the quality of their business stationery and impress their network with a personal touch.

It includes a bundle of materials, such as a business card, thank you note, and flyer, which can also be created inside Canva as an editable template for you.

By investing in high-quality print materials, you are able to make a strong impression on your current and prospective clients, which establishes a level of trust and reliability.

The Magic Ingredients:

  • Double-sided Business Card
  • Double-sided A6 Note Card
  • Double-sided A5 Flyer
  • This bundle does not include the printed deliverables – just the design.

The Email Enchantress

This branding bolt-on is for businesswomen who want to grow their audience and increase their lead generation.

This bundle includes a 6-page lead magnet, which is a valuable piece of content that is offered for free to attract and capture potential new customers in exchange for their email address. List building is a powerful tool to directly contact and nurture your loyal subscribers with regular updates and special offers.

I further optimise your marketing strategy, with a follow-up email template, by designing a custom newsletter header, banners and even a promo graphic to help direct more traffic to your website.

The Magic Ingredients:

  • A Lead Magnet x 6 pages
  • Email Newsletter Template x 1
  • Promo Pinterest Graphic x 1
  • This bundle does not include copywriting – just the design.
The Mixed Magician

The Mixed Magician

This branding bolt-on is for businesswomen who need something a little more bespoke to suit their own business needs.

Instead of choosing a pre-defined bolt-on package, this customisable solution invites you to pick ‘n mix up to three items from the other bolt-ons.

However, if you still can’t find what you’re truly looking for, I also give my clients the option to discuss a completely tailored bolt-on package – because I believe in a world full of limitless possibilities!

The Magic Ingredients:

Step 04 – Aftercare Support

Number 4

Brand Clarity Call

This is the last quest in our branding adventure together, where I like to make sure you feel fully prepared and confident before unleashing your new brand into the wild.

After you have received your ‘Thank You Pack’ from me, there will be a link to book a ‘Brand Clarity Call’ which is a one-hour zoom coaching session, where I can answer any questions you may have or you may want to use the time to strategise a plan that will help move your business forward.

Additionally, you will also be given exclusive access to a brand training masterclass, along with handy resources and an extra two weeks of WhatsApp support. The key goal of my aftercare is to help you understand and utilise your new branding to its fullest potential.


Need more support? Don’t worry, I gotcha boo! need more support dont worry I gotcha boo

The Canva Coven

The Canva Coven

Join my fun and free Facebook group, which focuses on helping businesswomen improve their design skills using Canva. My mission is to empower female entrepreneurs by showing them that designing is not difficult and that they can create scroll-stopping graphics. My coven provides design and branding tips, troubleshooting support, and updates about Canva, as well as bonus materials and discounts on Canva templates.

Join Here
The Template Emporium

Template Emporium

Template Emporium provides a huge library of Canva templates and lots of other useful resources, that are easy to download and use. It’s designed to help businesswomen who enjoy using Canva but still find difficulty in creating social media graphics for their business. You will find a variety of professional-looking templates that is suitable for your industry and niche.

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