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5 Reasons Blogging Is Essential For Your Business

Guest Blog Written By Charlotte Haye From Vivid Copy

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As a copywriter, I’m often asked why businesses should bother blogging. After all, it’s something that takes up a fair chunk of your time, it can take a while to see any results, and it’s one of those marketing activities that’s difficult to track and assign a definite ROI. So many business owners aren’t sure if it’s worth it.

But nonetheless, if you run a business, you should be blogging. It’s not a marketing luxury, but an essential staple that every business owner should be investing in. If you’re on the fence about the whole thing, here are 5 reasons that blogs are essential for your business.

Blogging Builds Trust

There are a hundred different ways you can convince potential customers to buy from you. But something I’ve noticed over the years is that people tend to respond better when they can put a face to the business. That’s not just my opinion either – it’s been proven to make a business more relatable and trustworthy. Ditching the stock images and having a blog that reflects your personality. Blogs make people, feel like they’re talking to a person, and not just a faceless entity, and that’s a powerful thing. Sometimes that’s all that’s needed to convince them to give you a call.

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Improves Your SEO With Long-Tail Keywords

If there’s one thing Google likes, it’s keywords. Blogs are the perfect tool to get the right keywords in the right places to attract Google’s attention. When you use keywords and key phrases, it helps Google understand what your content is about and when to display it as a search result. And one of the things it loves the most of long-tail keywords. 

Time for a quick SEO lesson! A keyword is the term you want to be found for online, and they break down into ‘head terms’ and ‘long tails’. It’s easiest to imagine as a tadpole (or something less family-friendly if you prefer!). The head term is the more general search term covering a broad topic. The ‘tail’ of the tadpole is your long tail, and that attaches to the head term to create a phrase. Using lots of these long-tail keywords helps you target more specific search terms and cast a wider net online. 

Let’s say you’re a jeweller and ‘engagement ring’ is your head term. Anyone searching for engagement rings, you’ll want them to fall into that net. But often people don’t search for just engagement rings. They’re looking for something more specific – like a diamond engagement ring, a cushion cut engagement ring, or an infinity band ring. Those are your ‘tail’ terms, and the best way to get them into your content is with a blog.

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Showcase Your Knowledge

You know you’re amazing at what you do. You’re a kick-ass business owner with the skills and knowledge to rock the world. But your customers don’t know that – yet! You have to show them. Blogs are a fantastic way to show off your knowledge of your subject, of your customer’s pain points and your creative solutions, all without the hard sell. There’s a reason businesses who blog get twice as many enquiries – customers feel confident that you can give them what they need. And because you’ve built that trust with them, they’re much easier to convert too! It’s a win-win!

Boosts Web Traffic

I’ve said it many times, but blogs are very much a slow-burn marketing exercise. Don’t expect results in a week, because you won’t get them. But if you’re able to commit to blogging regularly over a period of time, then your blogs will start paying real dividends. The critical mass for blogs is between 21 and 54. Once you hit this point, you will notice your web traffic start to increase (you are tracking your web traffic, right?). That’s because Google starts to take notice of your website and its activity, and starts pushing you up the rankings as a result. Typically at this point your web traffic will increase by around 30%, which gives you more opportunities for conversion. So keep at it!

Fuel For Your Social Media

If you’ve ever been stuck for something to post on social media, you need a blog. Blogs are an easy and simple way to boost your social media presence. A blog is super easy to share on social media platforms – you can even program your website to do it automatically! A single blog can give you weeks’ worth of material in one post.

Break them into bite-sized chunks, promote a different part each week and generate conversation with your followers. Blogs are a great way of generating content for your social media channels without having to invest a lot of extra time and effort in doing it, keeping your brand visible and your diary free.

Repurpose blogs for social media

Elevate Your Business With Compelling Content

If you’re not blogging yet, you should be. No matter what industry you’re in, there are people out there who want to know about what you do. Rather than assuming no one else in your sector will give them what they want, you need to make sure you are there when they ask those questions. Get yourself out there as a consistent source of information, so that you’ll be the first person they think of when they’re ready to buy. But blogging takes time and energy, and a lot of business owners just can’t manage it. That’s ok – that’s what people like me are here for. 

All I do, all day every day is write blogs for businesses like yours. I help support your marketing efforts, get you found online and provide the information your customers need to make their buying decisions. My blog packages start from just £90 a month – so why not give blogging a try? Find out more about my services here, or just email me to arrange a chat.  

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Why should I bother blogging for my business? paw print

Blogging is essential for building trust with your audience, showcasing your expertise, improving SEO, boosting web traffic, and providing shareable content for your social media channels.

How does blogging help build trust? paw print

Blogs offer a personal touch, allowing customers to connect with the person behind the business. This transparency makes your brand more relatable, fostering trust and increasing the likelihood of customers choosing your services.

Can blogging improve my website’s SEO? paw print

Yes, blogs are a powerful tool for SEO. They help incorporate relevant keywords, especially long-tail keywords, making your content more visible to search engines like Google.

How can blogging benefit my social media presence? paw print

Blogs offer a wealth of content that can be easily shared across social media platforms. They provide a continuous stream of material, making it simpler to maintain an active and engaging social media presence without significant time investment.

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