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From Dreamhouse to Icon: The Brand Story of Barbie

As a true 90s kid, I loved Barbie. I grew up playing with the dolls, collecting the outfits and singing along to the words of ‘Barbie Girl’ by Aqua. From the moment I laid eyes on those glamorous dolls, I knew I was hooked. My bedroom walls were adorned with posters of Barbie, my collection of her dolls was proudly […]

Branding Personal

5 Reasons Why Your Brand Should Repel People

I know what you’re thinking… “Gemma, why would I want my brand to repel people?” Your brand should repel people because you need to repel the wrong clients and attract the right ones – and a strong brand will do just that! Surely you don’t want to attract everyone? If you start doing that, you will water down your brand […]


The Brand Story of Sweaty Sisters

Meet my gorgeous and inspirational client, Bron Hadley, from Sweaty Sisters. Bron is a certified Personal Trainer, Life Coach & MP Nutrition and Strength/Conditioning Coach based in Australia NSW. And now, proud CEO of her company, supporting her growing community of menopausal women from all around the world. Bron and I shared a mutual friend – shout out to Monique […]


How To Remove A Background In Canva

In this Canva tutorial, I’m going to teach you how to remove a background in Canva in 5 easy steps. Removing a background from your image has never been easier than with Canva’s remove background image filter. Most of the time, you want the subject of your photo to be the centre of attention with no distracting background. You might […]


What Are The 4 Different Colour Models?

In the vast world of print and onscreen design, we rely on four main colour models: PMS (Pantone® Matching System), CMYK, RGB and HEX. Any successful businesswoman knows the importance of having a complete brand guide that details her logo usage, fonts, core values, and the colours tied to her brand. Colour plays a huge role in branding and keeping consistency across […]

Business Branding

Understanding The 6 Logo File Types

Whenever I design a logo for a client, they normally expect to receive one file at the end of it. So imagine their surprise when I send them 6 logo file types? They might think I’ve gone barmy, and ask me what is the purpose of so many file types? But what I’m really doing is setting them up for […]


Stop Hiding Behind Your Vanilla Branding

You’re not gonna like this, but as your business bestie I need to tell you maybe it’s time you stop being vanilla? Maybe it’s time you mixed it up a little?  Because #TruthBomb … vanilla brands don’t get noticed. ✨ I say this with love, but please… STOP PLAYING IT SAFE! And stop hiding behind your vanilla branding! How often […]

Branding Personal

From Barmaid to Brand Designer in 5 Years

With a new year finally rung in, you might be looking forward and thinking, ‘what if’? What if you followed that dream of yours, that secret desire you never told anyone about, and finally made it a reality? Well, if someone told me I’d go from Barmaid to Brand Designer in 5 years, I’d tell them they were crazy! It […]